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  • It’s Q & A Tuesday time b-tches! I don’t know if we can do that.

  • Hey, it’s Marie Forleo here with a 'Hell, yeah! So the motherbleep”, ooh. I can’t say that.”

  • Hey, it’s Marie here with another Q & A Tuesday!

  • Q: So today’s question is from Jessica and Jessica writes:

  • When you get loads of great opportunities in your life, things that you want to do and

  • hobbies, and simply not enough hours in the day. How do you really know what to spend

  • your time on? I’m busy constantly and very efficient but stuck feeling that I could have

  • done more or didn’t get enough done. When there’s more time, I’ll do x, y, and z

  • but will there really ever be more time?”

  • A: Every creative person I know including myself struggles with that feeling like, “Oh,

  • my God, I coulda got more done,” orThere’s not enough hours in the day!” But something

  • in your question gave me a clue that we can dive a little deeper here and give you some

  • wisdom that most people skip over. And this is what it is, that feeling of feeling stuck

  • that you haven’t got enough done, it’s really a thought.

  • If all of us, if we listen to our minds youll notice that our minds tell us the same junk

  • over and over and over again. Really repetitive thought loops and unfortunately most of us

  • believe those thoughts are us and we believe that theyre true. So when they say, “Oh,

  • my God, I coulda gotten more done,” orOh, my God, I wish I had more time.”

  • We believe that to be true and we stress ourselves out.

  • If we listen to minds long enough, all of that boils down to one common threat. That

  • threat is we suck and were never doing enough. Deepak Chopra one of my favorite authors,

  • I love to retweet his tweets because he’s really smart. He once quoted a study that

  • says, “We human beings have an average of 65,000 thoughts per day. Ninety-five percent

  • of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before and the day before that,

  • and the day before that and so on and so forth.”

  • What does that mean? That means that were all talking to ourselves about the same junk

  • over and over again. It just doesn’t change and if youre honest with yourself and you

  • really take a look, youll know that to be true for you too.

  • It’s time for rr..rr..rr..rr reframe yo!

  • Here’s the reframe, next time you notice youre having the thought, “I didn’t

  • get enough done today,” I want you to say this to yourself instead “I got the perfect amount

  • done today.” Because I’ll tell you this, if you start disengaging from believing the

  • voice in your head to be true and who you are, and put a little space in between you

  • and that nasty little voice. Youre going to start dealing with reality which is different

  • then what you tell yourself and youre going to be a lot more empowered to get more done,

  • and actually be satisfied and happy with your life.

  • Now, let’s break it down and get practical so we can help you figure out if youre

  • really spending time on what’s most important to you because after all, your time is your

  • life. So here’s a simple exercise, I want you to get out a piece of paper and a pen,

  • and youre going to write down the following: list your Top five priorities in life, whatever

  • they are for you. So for example, maybe number one is love and intimacy; number two is your

  • business or your career; number three are family and friends, perhaps number four is

  • health and spirituality and maybe number five, who knows, creativity.

  • But the point is write down your Top five in order of most importance. Now, take a look

  • back over your calendar; over the last 30 days and see did you actually spend time on

  • your Top five priorities? Is there a mismatch between what you say is important and how

  • you actually spend your time? If there is any kind of mismatch between what you say

  • is important and how you spend your time, you just got to get it straight, yo!

  • So what does that mean? It means get honest with what’s really important to you and

  • stop guilt tripping yourself if it doesn’t line up with what you say should be important.

  • Or on the flipside, if what you say is important really is important but that’s not how youre

  • spending your time. Make some changes in your schedule and youll be all set.

  • That’s what I got to say about how to manage everything that you want to do in relation

  • to your time. So Jessica, thank you so much for your question. If you like this video,

  • like it, leave a comment and of course if youre not yet on the newsletter list, come

  • on over to and get on it right away! Thank you so much for watching and I

  • will catch you next time!

It’s Q & A Tuesday time b-tches! I don’t know if we can do that.


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