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  • so you can pick your friends or you can pick your nose.

  • But you can't pick your friend's nose.

  • Yes, that's true today, like never before, The best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to other people is to keep your hands clean.

  • Washing them with soap and clean running water is normally more than enough.

  • But what if you've been doing it wrong all this time?

  • Is washing your hands really so crucial?

  • You touch your nose, eyes and mouth dozens of times a day, often without noticing it.

  • But that's how germs usually get inside your body.

  • Another sure way to let viruses and bacteria in is to grab some food with unwashed hands before eating it.

  • Germs also tend to stick to hand rails, furniture, door handles in the light, even that yo yo.

  • If you touch these things and don't wash your hands afterward, you're asking for trouble.

  • When should you wash your hands?

  • Every time after you've touched these cash.

  • After testing several $1 bills from a New York City bank, researchers discovered hundreds of bacteria and viruses covering them handles, doorknobs, handrails and whatnot.

  • In public places, thousands of people touch them every day.

  • Lots of them are bound to carry some unpleasant stuff on their hands.

  • Pretty much anything at the airport.

  • With so many people crowded in one place, thes transportation hubs are ideal for spreading infection.

  • Be especially careful with plastic trays at the security.

  • They are even dirtier than bathrooms.

  • Anything in the doctor's office touch screens.

  • And also make sure to clean your phone and other gadgets with anti bacterial wipes after coming home.

  • Stationery that isn't yours, especially pens.

  • Restaurant menus.

  • Just one menu can have up to 185,000 bacterial organisms, soap dispensers or pumps, especially in public areas, cutting boards and kitchen sponges.

  • Also, wash your hands before and after treating a cut or a wound after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose before inserting or removing contact lenses after touching an animal after changing diapers after touching garbage before preparing or eating food, is it possible to wash hands incorrectly?

  • A recent study says 97% of people don't wash their hands properly.

  • Speeding through the process when you're in a hurry will get you nowhere, even if you use tons of soap and scorching hot water is there a special hand washing technique?

  • Oh yeah, especially if you want to join a secret clean Hands club.

  • Actually, the World Health Organization recommends using several important rules when cleaning your hands.

  • After applying enough soap, rub your hands palm to palm first, then rub the back of each hand with the palm of the other with your fingers interlaced.

  • Rub your hands bombed a palm again with your fingers in her legs.

  • Wash each thumb separately by grasping it in the opposite hand and using rotational movements.

  • Now you don't have to take your thumb completely off, but the tips of your fingers against the opposite palm in a circular motion, clean each risk thoroughly with the opposite hand.

  • After rinsing your hands, use your elbow to turn off the tab.

  • If it's not possible, use a paper towel to touch the tab.

  • What if there's no soap in a public bathroom?

  • Rinsing your hands under clean running water is still better than not washing them at all.

  • Scrub your hands even more vigorously than usual.

  • Apply the same techniques you would use if you had, so if you have antibacterial wet wipes, use them afterward.

  • His hand sanitizer as effective as watching her hands with soap and running water.

  • Nope, Nothing is more effective than washing your hands, and sanitizer can't get rid of all kinds of germs.

  • But if you don't have any clean water and soap at hand, sanitizer is the second best.

  • At the same time, hand sanitizer won't miraculously make dirty or greasy hands clean.

  • It also doesn't remove harmful chemicals from your hands.

  • Is there a special way to apply hand sanitizer?

  • First, pour some liquid into the palm of one hand, then rub it all over your hands until their drive.

  • You can find out how much sanitizer you need from the label on the products bottle.

  • Do all these and you'll be a hand washing.

  • Hey, if you learn something new today, then give the video alike and share with a friend.

  • And here's some other videos I think you'll enjoy.

so you can pick your friends or you can pick your nose.


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