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  • We've got a big bull elephant, just yards away from us.

  • It's been here all night.

  • A young male who appears to have

  • been kicked out of his herd, he's quick to change his mood.

  • I'm very nervous around this elephant.

  • He is a bull in musk.

  • He has the runny ears, the runny glands.

  • That's a bull in musk.

  • That's pretty much the most aggressive animal on earth.

  • When a bull elephant this in musk,

  • he attracts females in heat, but also produces 40 to 60 times

  • more testosterone, making him highly aggressive

  • to other elephants and humans.

  • Wow.



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B2 中上級

アグレッシブなブルゾウに声をかけられる|裸で怖がるブルゾウ (Approached by an Aggressive Bull Elephant | Naked and Afraid)

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