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  • with a big group of people today, we're going to high score camp, which is where they are doing.

  • Uh, I scoring drilling project.

  • Oh, cool.

  • Using cardboard tubes is what we do as what we've drilled this year on.

  • And that was when we were in the brittle ice.

  • So fragile eyes put it in some green netting in case it pops or breaks.

  • So this will sit over a year, and then we'll come back and process it next year.

  • But just yesterday we started actually processing the ice.

  • That turned out that it's sturdy enough that we can cut it and it won't Boston two million pieces.

  • So that's what you'll see in, like, 30 seconds up there so far I wanna head up because we can see the drool coming out of the hole.

  • Who?

  • Yeah, I'm in displeasure.

  • This is so dramatic.

  • Wow!

  • 1120 meters back.

  • You.

  • What is the vacuum for?

  • To get liquid off cable.

  • Looks like just a long candy bar.

  • Lookit, man, those are the cutters.

  • Okay, hole.

  • Hi, guys.

  • So the piece of ice that they just pulled out was pulled up from about a little over 1000 meters below surface of the of the snow here.

  • And they think it's about 20,000 years old that that snow was deposited 20,000 years ago.

  • Pretty cool.

  • And then the story here on then, after storing it here, supposedly, they ship it to a place where they study the ice, the bubbles in the ice and, uh, the water on the dust.

  • This is the motor instrument.

  • Sexually good is essentially the brain.

  • Okay, okay.

  • Idea.

  • 100% recovery of the ship's collected doesn't.

  • Then what'd you do with them?

  • He actually put them with the lieutenant.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • Skin out all the fluid to capture that.

  • Okay.

  • Coming back down the border.

  • So where is let me live?

  • In 100 means lady.

  • 1000.

  • Little short of 20,000.

  • Nice and omen.

  • It's super exponential.

  • Yeah, as you go to 17,600 meters, 50,000 years old.

  • Pretty cool.

  • That's pretty amazing.

  • I got a total turnaround time from taking the drill down, drilling, bringing up and clean it up.

  • Process it and put it back down.

  • Her has been about one hour and 15 minutes.

  • Okay, this is by far the lowest product, part process, stripping down, tripping up and go a lot faster.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Get my per hour.

  • Great.

  • Okay.

  • Uh, right.

  • This is all the sludge that all the chips?

  • Yeah.

  • Looks like vanilla ice cream.

  • A thing like that, it is really cool.

  • It's a vacuum cleaner that had this tape of the corps.

  • You can't buy that from Hoover.

  • It's so cool.

  • Hi.

  • Did you enjoy that video?

  • Well, make sure to check out more of those videos in the video description.

  • Below or on the links on the screen.

  • See you later.

with a big group of people today, we're going to high score camp, which is where they are doing.


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