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  • Siri's one.

  • I can't wait to see how they continue from that.

  • Something weird needs to happen.

  • Maybe change will run into the water.

  • Listen, panics should trust.

  • To get away from James would appear as a giant seater, so lifting her into the air, then they'll fly to Mexico and change identities.

  • Remember one.

  • Rob.

  • See what really happens.

  • The End of the World Series two premieres, Fourth of November on channel full.

  • Also stream on awful.

Siri's one.


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終わり ******* 世界ファン論 - もしもジェームズがタートルに変身したら? (The End of the ******* World Fan Theory - What if James Turned into a TURTLE?!)

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