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  • Imagine this is an hydrogen atom.

  • This, is another one,

  • and then this is H2, the hydrogen molecule.

  • You can break it apart, add an oxygen atom and make H2O—water.

  • A carbon with four hydrogens, that is methane.

  • And you can actually combine it with water to make: methanol.

  • These are Snatoms, The Magnetic Molecular Modeling Kit.

  • And I am Derek Muller, the creator of a Youtube channel called Veritasium,

  • which has nearly 3 million suscribers.

  • Through my videos, I teach science virtually to millions of people around the world.

  • But some things are best learned hands-on.

  • Like chemistry. I mean, atoms are impossible to see

  • and chemical notation can be very confusing for students.

  • And that is why, as a teacher for 7 years before I started Veritasium,

  • I've always wished that something like this existed.

  • Snatoms are an improvement over ball-and-stick models for three reasons:

  • 1) They're quicker to put together and break apart,

  • 2) Plus, they're a better representation of what a molecule actually looks like.

  • I mean, bonds are not sticks. They are overlapping electron orbitals.

  • 3) And most important, Snatoms allow you to feel the attraction between atoms.

  • And that helps break the misconception that bonds store energy.

  • This is something that I talked to Hank Green about on SciShow Talk Show.

  • Derek: Where is the energy coming from?

  • Hank: The bonds, man.

  • Derek: But my concern is this, right? If you think that there really is energy in bonds,

  • Hank: Yup.

  • Derek: Then you would imagine something like breaking those bonds open

  • releases that energy.

  • Hank: Right.

  • Derek: Which is totally false!

  • Hank: That is true.

  • Derek: This is my point!

  • (laughter)

  • Derek: It's the formation of bonds that releases energy,

  • and it's the breaking of bonds which takes energy.

  • With Snatoms, you can easily feel the work you need to do to break a bond, and you

  • can hear the energy released when a new bond forms. [click]

  • I've been developing Snatoms for over two years.

  • The first prototypes I made out of Styrofoam balls that I cut and put magnets in.

  • You may have seen this picture on my Instagram.

  • Then I made drawings for the project and had them 3D printed

  • And then I created some injection molded prototypes

  • which I spray-painted and used in my video ''5 Fun Physics Phenomena''

  • Now I need your help to make this project a reality.

  • Veritasium has showed me that there are millions of people out there passionate

  • about helping others understand science.

  • So if you agree with me that this would help and Snatoms should exist in the world,

  • then help me fund the production molds and magnets required to make this happen.

  • A basic Snatoms kit would include

  • 6 carbon atoms, 6 oxygens

  • and 12 hydrogens.

  • That's all the atoms you need to make glucose, the basic sugar molecule.

  • But of course with this building blocks you can build

  • hundreds of other molecules.

  • And I will make some video guides explaining how to use Snatoms

  • to learn about molecules, chemical bonding, geometry

  • and balancing equations.

  • And, if we reach a stretch target I will add another element to the kit,

  • like nitrogen. Plus if we reach a further stretch target I will build an app

  • that will gamify the process of learning, allowing users to learn

  • about new molecules and capture their progress.

  • I think the best way to learn science is hands-on from a young age,

  • and if you want to help me make this happen, then support this Kickstarter.

  • You don't have to buy a set of Snatoms (though that definitely would help)

  • But if you think is a good idea just share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

  • I really appreciate your support and I look forward to helping the world

  • learn science physically in addition to through the internet.

Imagine this is an hydrogen atom.


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