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  • Hi.

  • I really believe that our innovation will continue to be revolutionary.

  • I really love CSS.

  • You C s u is about communities about people now, like I walked into the registration and, like, you know, immediately I have two person like it's in a vent about computers.

  • But really, it's about the humans behind and no detail is overlooked.

  • And it's great as an attendee that there's you.

  • There's nothing to worry about.

  • Like having a prayer room having a quiet room B pocket space community lounge.

  • It's a space and its own little stage, Really.

  • Thio put a spotlight on people who are doing positive things in the community this year at the community lounge.

  • We have the female gratitude, and we said, You know, how has the tech community positively impacted you?

  • I wanted people thio come away thinking, What power do I have to do?

  • Good.

  • And it's It's huge.

  • We can do little things we can do tiny things that maybe we don't even think about that have such a future.

  • Sometimes I find a paper and old hag a reason that's actually made by a woman, But many people, sometimes even including me, I know that was actually a man can.

  • That way we're coming up with the idea of making an advent calendar off.

  • 24 women that are pioneers in intact.

  • Think about CSS Thing gets creative coding and the trite Always thio match the design, this creativity and play for us.

  • That's why it shows to play the vibrant colors and shapes.

  • I'm talking about how to apply the Houdini specs to your work today in design systems really introduced in this sub grid value.

  • Well, CSS quick, I'll be talking about community way.

  • My talk was about visual testing.

  • It was a description of how are tools have changed the way that we do monitor Web development over time.

  • My 20 year depth journey and how things were different back then, how they are now.

  • I love community events.

  • They bring together people from all over the globe.

  • They enable everyone to feel welcome and make them feel like they're part of.

  • And community events are also so special for up and coming developers.

  • If you are new in the community, getting a lot of exposure to new things, just finding new people that you can connect with and then you can get like a new opportunity from that.

  • These events are like for like homecomings and reunions for us, like sitting.

  • Actually meet these people that we talked to one line all day on dhe.

  • Keep those friendships and connections alive.

  • People who spend their time coming.

  • These events apparently easy events are the people who are so excited and passionate about these topics.

  • And I I feel like this is such a family, and the more I come to these kinds of events more, that family grows and grows.

  • You never made me appreciate it impacted work, but it's definitely felt ripples across the world way.

  • Thank you for everything, he has asked community.

  • I'm extremely honored to have been part of the CSS come for you and being able to have such a great happy event with your community.

  • So that's it.

  • That was the last year's has come for you and well, this year, and I will miss it.



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