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  • space I l and Noose in Tora saw two spacecraft are on internal power.

  • Copy.

  • Thank you of it.

  • Engine Jill has started stage when our people unload is closed out Vehicles and self line tanks Pressing for a strong back Retract and strong back lowers closed out Stage one Lots of it is closed out Stage two lakhs.

  • Lotus goes down.

  • Dr.

  • Knight is on internal power.

  • Gas close as it started.

  • Falcon nine isn't started.

  • Stage two pressing for flight Go for lunch.

  • Stage one.

  • Pressing for flight.

  • You know, it's 15 seconds and nine, eight, seven, six.

  • Bye.

  • Four, three, two, 10 ignition.

  • Let's talk close.

  • Pitching down range stage All propulsion is nominal.

  • How in telemetry?

  • Nominal vehicle supersonic vehicle has reached maximum aerodynamic pressure and back end until Geico stage separation confirmed.

  • Recognition bearing separation confirmed.

  • State to a nominal trajectory.

  • Bermuda acquisition of signal states to a nominal trajectory is one F.

  • T s safety stage.

  • Wanted to start up stage one entry burn.

  • So come in.

  • Guidance Stage one of three.

  • Trans sonic stage to FT s Safety stage 11 Extort up.

  • Officialdom.

  • Stage one learning.

  • We deploy nominal orbit insertion This is recovery.

  • Falcon on has landed.

  • All landing operators proceed to procedure 11 100 Section seven Capable as expected.

  • Permit L.

  • O s Expected abode Acquisition of signal and recognition Eventually nominal orbit insertion.

  • Acquisition of signal Hbk BCL spacecraft separation confirmed position in Guam Correction acquisition and Diego Garcia space.

  • I'll is confirmed.

  • Signal acquisition and landing leg deploy.

  • They're on their way to the moon News Santora saw two spacecraft separation confirmed.

space I l and Noose in Tora saw two spacecraft are on internal power.


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B2 中上級

ヌサンタラ・サトゥミッション (Nusantara Satu Mission)

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