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  • let me get a video.

  • So let's have a look at this.

  • Yes, part of you.

  • Oh, my God.

  • You happy?

  • I'm shaking like I'm Are you?

  • You didn't expect these?

  • No.

  • Never really Years waiting.

  • 10 years?

  • This is special.

  • No, you know I know.

  • You know, I didn't see Oh, but I thought Wow, this'll moment.

  • Wow did so well, didn't he?

  • And I like you because you're very spontaneous.

  • Probably you were just waiting for the right moment, right?

let me get a video.


動画の操作 ここで「動画」の調整と「字幕」の表示を設定することができます

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彼女はYESと言った? (She said YES ?)

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