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  • here I am.

  • Russell Brand with Doctor.

  • Professor, Doctor.

  • Doctor, Professor.

  • True of impious.

  • And you've got to join us on watch and listen to under the skin.

  • What did we talk about?

  • Oh, God, It was most everything under the sun.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • You're exhausting.

  • Interviewer in the best possible way.

  • Really, Really enjoyed it, I think.

  • A good open conversation.

  • I think we We went to a lot of topics.

  • Such as?

  • We talked about controversies, that you've been involved with someone, even some of my controversy, If you enjoy that.

  • We talked about inequality.

  • We told you, never talked about politics.

  • How the government means what words mean, where power lies.

  • I mean, it's pretty good concept.

  • We both got vague headache.

  • Yes, I feel a bit so exhausted.

  • This will be the big way.

  • Would say something stupid.

  • Please listen to under the skin on.

  • Uh what do you like your life?

  • Really?

  • But you could do You could do that within the scope of your freedoms.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

here I am.


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