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  • my spiced bait porridge.

  • I actually love it.

  • Why?

  • I grew up with it.

  • There's something very Scottish about porridge.

  • Is that kind of sort of great start to the day?

  • My father used to say Porch needs so so only it separates the men from the boys.

  • Didn't really like it.

  • It was assisted.

  • Soul puts hairs on my ass.

  • Just sneak cup of sugar lumps from cafes and put them in my powers without watching thes days.

  • My porridge has much more flavor than just.

  • Salt is packed with fruit, nuts and spices.

  • Add vanilla.

  • Sees to porridge, oats or oatmeal.

  • Really important.

  • Just a rub.

  • The villa through Theo Oatmeal makes it nice and fragrant.

  • Now a little teaspoon of cinnamon makes it spicy and then not make already.

  • That smells incredible.

  • I quite like making this up a week at a time, and Jack absolutely loves it now.

  • Whole Armand's.

  • Now, if you don't like that kind of crunch running through the poet, you chop these up or blend them tow powder.

  • But I quite like this sort of texture.

  • Hasn't that's incredibly good?

  • Really Nice crunch.

  • Keep your villa pot in there as well.

  • That just gives it.

  • Even Maur left on, Of course.

  • What's his bait?

  • Just pull it out.

  • Instead of sugar, I'm adding sweetness with fruit, fresh pears and raisins.

  • Families are great as well chopped apricots as well dried apricots in the dried mango.

  • I love Dr Food next, pouring a pint of milk and mix.

  • It can be done the night before I left in the fridge and then governments before you gotta bake it.

  • Had your cream now into your dish.

  • Look quite liquid, but by the time it bakes, has his really nice rich crust on top and then just a nice little nutmeg on top.

  • Now Baker 180 for 30 to 35 minutes.

  • Theme.

  • Take the parts out.

  • Sprinkle on de Moreira sugar and grill to create a sweet golden crust sort of glaze until beautiful, literally 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Look at that.

  • That makes me feel proud to be Scottish because it's perfect for a big comfort family.

  • Breakfast is rich, is sumptuous.

  • It's just a humble oatmeal.

  • Phenomenal, especially in the winter.

  • My spice baked porridge with all those nuts and fruit is a bowl full of love to start the day.

my spiced bait porridge.


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ゴードン・ラムジーのスパイス焼き粥レシピ (Gordon Ramsay's Spiced Baked Porridge Recipe)

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