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  • the threat of Corona virus has put a big question mark on Jim's.

  • It's important to stay healthy during this crisis, but Jim's can be, ah, hotbed of germs.

  • Here's how some health clubs and Jim's air taking special precautions to deal with this health emergency This gym owner is taking drastic cleaning measures to keep clients say from the Corona virus, where he came up with a plan to clean the facility.

  • Top to bottom, not just a regular cleaning but deep cleaning.

  • Ryan Wheelan runs Foothill Jim outside Los Angeles.

  • He started the deep cleaning with the ceiling, doing the air vents, air conditioning beams, everything that could come down towards members.

  • Start there and then we started cleaning all the machines inside and out with a toothbrush in certain parts, he says.

  • His staff is now cleaning gym equipment six times a day.

  • He's also asking Jim members like Donna loose to pitch in.

  • She wipes down the elliptical before hopping on.

  • I absolutely love it.

  • I love the deep cleaning that they've been doing.

  • I'm really careful about wiping things down before and after I use them.

  • Airlines are also trying to assure passengers they've stepped up cleaning.

  • Delta Airlines released this video, showing a high grade method of deep cleaning called fogging.

  • But our passengers buying it.

  • Check out this empty Delta flight, Fox business correspondent Susan Lee says.

  • Stay at home Cos.

  • Are actually thriving.

  • You can't go out to get food, so you order it in.

  • So the likes of the door dashes and the Postmates in the uber eats are some of the winners, something Jim.

  • So they exercise at home.

  • The paella thons in the world have been actually one of the winners, she assures us.

  • Even companies that are being pummeled will see a bright side.

  • Initially, you might take a big hit, and it'll be fast.

  • But once the recovery comes will be steep and high.

  • And while airlines have been cutting back on schedules, most are waiving fees for those passengers who have to change their travel plans.

the threat of Corona virus has put a big question mark on Jim's.


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ジムと航空会社が清掃を強化するためにスクランブルをかける (Gyms and Airlines Scramble to Step Up Cleaning)

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