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  • Hayman is forced night and welcome to my desk tour.

  • I'm just going to show you the setup I used to.

  • Right now I'm learning I was development and my plans in the future for when I become an IRS developer.

  • My set up then.

  • But I use this to computers here.

  • As you can see, I have a PC that I don't have a Mac.

  • I needed the Mac for anything.

  • IOS uh, you know, so I can use X code and whatnot in for On the goats laptop.

  • My desktop I used for video editing for gaming one.

  • You know, one day I went toe pretty much merges together, so I only need one not literally Just, like get something a Mac book pro.

  • That's power enough to handle both.

  • Let's talk about what I have right now.

  • As you can see, I'm a MacBook pro that he used, you know, used X code on it, and I use it for anything.

  • I need travel wise since the laptop and any any convenient type things because this thing doesn't compare to my PC.

  • That's right behind it.

  • Because I'm Petey.

  • My PC is just so much more powerful and faster.

  • My PC is inside of it.

  • NZX T tower with a Z 97 m s, I motherboard and I 5 35 100 something K processor.

  • And I made sure I got the case.

  • I could ever clock it.

  • I believe it's ah originally 3.5 gigahertz.

  • Right now it's running at 4.2.

  • I've been at 4.2 ever since I got it without a problem.

  • I have an M s I 9 70 graphics card.

  • I have, I believe, eight gigabytes of ram between two sticks, so four gigabytes each stick and I have two extra slots in case I needed more.

  • But I haven't seen a problem with just having these eight gigabytes.

  • I have a 250 gigabytes Samsung Solid State drive along with a one terabyte Western digital hard disk drive.

  • And all of this is powered with a 750 watt E v g a power supply unit on top.

  • In order to connect to the Internet, I have a Netgear wireless adapter enter toe of load of my files from my camera's SD card onto my PC.

  • I have this card reader and this will take just about any card you throw at it.

  • I have a four terabytes.

  • See Gate backup plus hard drive.

  • This is a very good external hard drive for traveling.

  • It's very durable.

  • I use it from Windows and my Mac.

  • I partitioned it.

  • So has one terabyte on my PC and three terabytes on my Mac because I figured an external hard drive will have to come with me just like my Mac.

  • But if I'm here and I run out of run out of that one terabyte on the external hard drive on my PC, then I would just get another one terabyte hard disk drive or something like that.

  • My displays a 27 inch a Seuss monitor.

  • I don't know if I mentioned this before, but anything I mentioned in this video have been linked in the description box below, in case you want to check it out.

  • But moving on, I have to del speakers that I got for free from a former employer, and they're not good at all.

  • Sometimes I'll just use the monitor speakers because the actual speakers will have a high pitched ringing noise, and it's really annoying.

  • I may not be using them for much longer.

  • We'll see.

  • And for my keyboard and mouse, I'm just using the CME Storm devastated.

  • I got red in order to match my tower and for roughly $25 at least that's how much it was at the time I purchased it for both the keyboard and the mouse.

  • That's a pretty good deal of my books.

  • And that's really why I got I wanted something with the backlight, a red backlight, for that matter.

  • And this is this was the key for me.

  • So this is my current setup.

  • I got my Mac book back in mid 2012 and I built my PC probably two years after that.

  • So I didn't buy all this at once.

  • You know, by any means, if I were toe, go back and do it again, if I were to do it right now with you know, if I figured I just was going to be sitting at this desk for the next few years, at least I get two of these monitors Instead of building that I would get a better Mac book pro and get the top of the line Mac wit, pro if I could do all of this again and probably end up getting wire this keyboard wireless mouse just cause I kind of liked the look better.

  • Probably something to match the MacBook Pro.

  • And I get a raindrop stand for the Mac book Pro.

  • But I'm not gonna be sitting at a desk like this for the next, however many years and then within the next two years, me and my girlfriend plan on building a tiny house and taking off, you know, traveling around the United States with it.

  • So I'll need something a little bit more portable.

  • There will be no with in my own house if you don't know what a tiny out says show you.

  • And with that, I want something a little bit more portable, But I'm gonna make a whole nother video.

  • If this video is out there now was probably out as well.

  • So go see the video I uploaded right after this one on my channel.

  • And don't forget if you like this video, be sure to like it.

  • Subscribe If you want to follow me on my own development journey and just a reminder anything in this video are in that is in the description box below.

  • And that should finish up this video until next time, have a going.

Hayman is forced night and welcome to my desk tour.


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