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  • I never thought of sharing cultural work or my own history.

  • It comforts my heart.

  • Knowing that I'm allowed to do this without getting strapped.

  • Whipped are thrown in a closet anywhere.

  • It's big for me, really big for me because we're sure took a lot of punishment.

  • It took a lot of punishment for being a native person.

  • And this is just one of our wares of showing that we're alive and well every second.

  • Yeah, yeah, but I got permission from my elders and my chiefs to be allowed to use always all of these different meanings all the different designs.

  • Mom was crying.

  • One said, use whatever you want.

  • Uh, just reading my own was correct craters, because remembering how much we went through, not about to draw a curve or touch her language.

  • It's tough Jim alone, huh?

  • Oh, I was very lucky when grand parents were home.

  • That's all hurt.

  • I don't want to school.

  • Huh?

  • Took my grandparent's thio when they had private house service is Mr Walk my brain teaser and listen to your granny and I'm seeing songs.

  • What used to make me realize life is leaving here, is it?

  • We have a host full of elders host for the elders.

  • All sit on and as they're walking in, so grab a viable our book that there, you know that people's reading her hems there and not one of them the hard to read.

  • But it's it's, I guess it's just the thing to do is grab a Bible and sit down.

  • I don't know.

  • But when I was sitting there with my granny, I sat there and lost checking another.

  • Let's see what they do in here.

  • And I watched that go on.

  • Seem them.

  • Every one of them would drive a Bible or not one of them would open up the book.

  • Just sit there, start singing hymns and crapola.

  • Yeah, that's what I thought was cool as they do it in a park wall.

  • When you become a prisoner, it's not easy life, and that's the reason why my son Boone, decided to do this because that's the only way he could heal.

  • And when you start healing, the changes of your life starts again.

  • That's when you become who you really are, because we've carried so much pain, so much hurts know Grandage know Grandpa has allowed to be coached, tow us, not allowed to speak our language.

  • Many things, songs taken away from us or dances.

  • And we were not even allowed to embrace our families anymore.

  • That's a feeling missing back at least almost.

  • We all leave this world.

  • And when it's time for us to leave this world, you have the story.

  • You have something to tell your Children of what happened to us and our great grandchildren that we were not just drunks.

  • We're not just alcoholics and drug addicts.

  • We picked up things that wasn't ours because we wanted to hide the pain.

  • And now, today we're going to bless it so that we don't pull the pin out anymore.

  • Okay.

  • Oh, we what can paint wait?

I never thought of sharing cultural work or my own history.


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