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  • Hey, everyone.

  • So my name is Gloria.

  • I'm a Mexican suffer engineer currently working for MPM.

  • So a little bit of context.

  • I'm actually from this city called Monterey Mexico.

  • And in case you don't know where that is, that's actually just in the north of Mexico, very near the States s o.

  • What was happening in my life in 2014?

  • So in two toes over thing I was getting my degree in computer science and being out of school, I asked myself, How can I continue learning?

  • So that's when I actually came across conference stocks online.

  • So this really spiked my interest in tech meet ups in my local area.

  • The thing is that I realized they were not local meetups happening at all.

  • Actually, there was only one.

  • So in 2015 I gave my first talk ever in this very, very small meet up in Monterey Gold, JavaScript, Monterey And you might notice it was a small It was normally 10 to 15 people.

  • This made me realize something very important.

  • I was musing out Ah, lot off things, Um but why?

  • Um and I really, really want to highlight three reasons why I believe he was very inconvenient for me to stay in this city in Monterey.

  • So the first reason is this one low community involvement.

  • So this is a graph of all the conferences that are more or less happening in 2018 and 10 2020.

  • And the graph it speaks by itself.

  • There are way more conferences happen in Europe in the US than the rest of the world.

  • This is Jace Jace.

  • Gastric conference is happening.

  • So the second reason is non competitive salaries in Latin America.

  • So the average monthly salary in Mexico is $745.

  • This is what I what I was actually making in my first job.

  • And these are very eye opener tweet by Grandpa Laurie Tyga.

  • He's one of the leaders of the Colombian community, and he says, Ah, 100 ticket $100 ticket is a 10% of a Colombian developers monthly income, sometimes even more sponsors really helping developing nations events.

  • So in that fashion, $100 ticket is 13% off Mexican developers monthly income.

  • So I already mentioned that they are not a lot of things happening in Latin America.

  • So in top off that if you want actually go to a conference, you have to pay accommodation.

  • You have to pay the ticket and you have to be the flights.

  • So you know we don't have a lot of options and the thorough on it's expensive infrastructure in Latin America.

  • So long story short.

  • Basically, what this means is that we're paying more for slower service is so now that we have this three reasons.

  • In 2015 I decided to move from Mexico, and in 2015 I moved to Paris and the great evil thing that happened once I moved to Europe, its diversity scholarships.

  • So in 2015 I got a scholarship for Jase.

  • Come to Europe, and this is a quote that I really, really love from UNA that says scholarships are in just about increasing diversity numbers or financial assistance.

  • They can change an attending life.

  • They do.

  • They change mine.

  • So in Jessica Europe 2015 I met an amazing human being that really inspired me and really motivated me to pursue my public speaking dreams.

  • So these letters to this into thousands of state 16 I gave my first international talk Js combo typist and shut out to the day of Skunk organizer because they believe in me.

  • I love them.

  • So funny story is, Well, um, the addition after the one in which I was in for sweet a scholarship, I came back as a speaker this time.

  • So it was a mind blowing experience to be sharing the same stage with the same person that the previous year actually inspired me to be in the States in the first place.

  • Amazing experience and the rest.

  • The rest is history.

  • After this opportunity that I got with Js come Europe, I attended more meet ups and stuff.

  • But all of these wouldn't have been possible without the help of that community without the meet ups that I attend That in the conference is that I've been to.

  • So what I really, really just want to ask to you is to help create these communities for people that aren't as lucky as I was to literally switch countries to sort of search for these opportunities.

  • So what can we actually do?

  • We cannot change internal Beals.

  • We cannot change salaries, but we can help organizing and funding meet ups and conferences around the world.

  • So please get involved A tender local meetups help there tonight, sirs, give back to the community.

  • And this is just one of examples.

  • This is Lima Js You can actually sponsor the Meetup.

  • Lima is incredible.

  • One of the South American meet ups and, um, spread the word help all their communities be built.

  • And with that being said, I wantto make an announcement.

  • Um, I want to announce a new member of the Js Go family Js comes Mexico, fourth and fifth of May sink Omar, your next year Mexico City You're all welcome to go.

  • Please.

  • I really, really want to see you all there.

  • And with that being said, thank you very much.

Hey, everyone.


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