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  • So, for someone who's new to the profession,

  • I think the best thing to do is

  • start new projects and do things that you enjoy doing, because if you're doing something you enjoy doing,

  • you're gonna have such a better learning experience by doing that.

  • Look for mentorship.

  • Sometimes you just need to ask, and you will be surprised how many people are willing to help with that.

  • Learn the basics, like learn the JavaScript, learn the CSS, learn the HTML.

  • Yeah, I kind of agree,

  • Like, I went through so long and I didn't know HTTP, and that messed up so much of my understanding,

  • but I still think if I stopped and tried to learn HTTP that early on,

  • I would have just abandoned the whole thing, because I wouldn't have… I mean

  • you also have to be realistic, like many people start with a job, and in that job,

  • we use frameworks, you probably don't have the time to learn the basics.

  • So I'm not saying, like, you're doing it wrong if you not learn the basics first,

  • It's just that I recommend, I think it's time well invested.

  • I recommend speaking at conferences, like, before you even get a job in tech, speak at a conference, just make it up,

  • because it's really good for your profile, right?

  • That's how you get it up in the first place! Exactly!

  • Fake it 'till you make it. Fake it 'till you make it!

  • This is my first time in JSConf Budapest, it's amazing. I love the diversity over here.

  • As an experience wise, it's amazing and the things I'm learning here is also very great, because, though I'm an infra engineer,

  • there are certain concepts which are relevant to a DevOps engineer as well,

  • like how you should communicate to your architects,

  • how you should work in collaboration with your product manager and the way you build your products.

  • Maybe we can also think of having accessibility in DevOps, whatever products we're building,

  • So yeah, it's quite relevant.

  • JSConf Budapest is my first conference as an attendee, and my very first conference as a speaker,

  • it's all new to me, and I had a wonderful time. Thank you all so much!

  • My experience of JSConf has been really good so far, we've been able to travel here with the whole family,

  • got a lovely family room at the hotel,

  • the food has been good and all of the communications and the help I've gotten as a speaker has been, blew my mind.

  • For me a very humbling experience to be here today

  • This is one of the places where the people are so nice and so open. I love the community here

  • Last time I was at JSConf Budapest, I got hit in the eye by an HDMI dongle.

  • What a great memory! Yeah.

  • I think my favorite memory is my very first talk as a Googler with JSConf EU 2015.

  • It was a bad talk but it was a great community. I wasn't there. No, you weren't.

  • It's my first time in any JSConf conferences and it's been amazing, I don't know, it's amazing content all the time.

  • It goes outside of what you would expect from a tech conference.

  • My favorite talk so far has been the talk of this guy that works with refugee aid camp,

  • which is something we would never have access to this, like, anywhere else, and I think, like, that,

  • alongside with the community here that seems to be very friendly and very respectful, I'm having a blast, like I'm having the best time.

  • My favorite JSConf memory was talking to the organizer of JSConf EU,

  • and kind of hearing his authentic heart for the conference

  • and how he wants to get everybody involved irrespective of race and gender and orientation, just,

  • it's a conference for everybody.

  • When I think of JSConf, I think inclusion, family, community.

  • So none of those are technical.

So, for someone who's new to the profession,


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