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  • year.

  • Do my own sound effects.

  • What's up?

  • I am Will Smith.

  • This is bad boys for left.

  • Welcome to Miami.

  • You know I love this town.

  • Every time the ladies pass, they be like, Thanks, miss.

  • Appreciate that.

  • Good looking out.

  • So we got a bunch of lip riders that think they're about to check out new technology.

  • And I guess I'm the new technology.

  • Wait, get what are you doing?

  • What's up, man?

  • Good welcome.

  • You going?

  • Didn't get you.

  • You know, my girlfriend is in love with body, but she watches that movie at least once a week based on your face on a chilly first time.

  • You really No way.

  • Say, how can I say I I'm here with my bullet.

  • Will Matteo's being broken in as a potential new bad boys partner, right?

  • So, man Matteo, we gotta go fight some crime, so we're gonna We're gonna talk about todo We're gonna keep Miami safe for you.

  • This is amazing.

  • Wow.

  • So, uh, bad boys relayed What if this person was a criminal?

  • We're just rolling up on somebody.

  • But if that person was a criminal, what would you say?

  • You're good.

  • You're looking at birth.

  • You Look, you gotta ask you a question.

  • You ask yourself.

  • Good.

  • Good.

  • Take it serious face a kid.

  • You won't get us killed.

  • Give me your best.

  • Freeze.

  • Oh, that's that's hot.

  • Okay, so that's really good way.

  • Just blow somebody over.

  • You tell you, get down on the ground right now if you're gonna get done.

  • Yo, yo, yo, yo, come on.

  • You can't be calling in, Poppy.

  • You're gonna be in internal affairs, and you're gonna be, You know, that's gonna be that you sexually harassed with speed, Alex, Are you comfortable with speed?

  • Unless you love speakers.

  • This car is ridiculous, Alex.

  • Oh, my God.

  • You say this is You have a point in my facing up from now.

  • One that time.

  • There you go, you good mirror way.

  • Make a good team.

  • We're undercover.

  • We don't take a little cruise.

  • And I wanna see how you handle these streets, Alex.

  • Okay.

  • Pretend you was pulling me over.

  • You saw this car.

  • Now you know I can't afford this car, Alex.

  • I would be like where you come.

  • Bad boys.

  • Don't ask no questions.

  • Alex is supposed to be snatching my ass about this thing You're absolutely right.

  • One straight graph.

  • Great.

  • Man.

  • I got a little gift for you.

  • I'm gonna give you one year free of lift.

  • No way.

  • 100%.

  • May I want to give you a little gift, if you don't mind, Is not quite not quite Miami and that my my brother just broke.



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見知らぬ人にマイアミでLyftをプレゼント (Giving Strangers A Lyft in Miami)

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