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  • right, Chris.

  • We'll get straight to the heart of the matter When you were right about the simpering in recent Top.

  • There's one quote which I picked out, which was, This is one of the strangest cars I've ever driven.

  • Can you explain yourself?

  • Okay, this might be peculiar to people that test cars, because I'm too familiar with individual brands Onda way that they resonate with me.

  • So I want to get in an Audi.

  • There's a smell to finality.

  • There's a feeling to the seats.

  • They go into the steering wheel for leathers, the textures that there's an identity to the vehicle right there, my identity to a BMW as well.

  • I'm very familiar with that from the way the key operates the door handle Work's waiting of the controls.

  • Everything is particularly BMW.

  • When you get in the car, this badge Toyota and it goes BMW in your head.

  • Everything, says BMW from the sound it makes to the way that it drives the way that it sounds the way that the materials even smell inside it.

  • You go.

  • This is weird.

  • This doesn't quite work for me Now.

  • The argument is level.

  • People that may is Well, that's peculiar to you because you're a car tester.

  • If someone's not driven a BMW, they won't know.

  • That's right.

  • I still don't think that works for me.

  • This is an enthusiast car.

  • But I maintain my argument that we were talking about a Corolla and it had a load of BMW one.

  • Siri's in it.

  • Then I would Then I'd understand it if it's a halo car for the whole brand.

  • This is a statement to the world that what toys you could do.

  • So when they need to go and make that statement, they go to B and W and say you make it well, slap a phantom.

  • It just wound you up.

  • Yeah, I found out that Don Perignon, you know, nip down the road and said, Well, Nick, a bit of that stuff actually ours, you'd be profoundly disappointed.

  • Now, did Daddy give you go in the 80 year old driven one?

  • I don't want to give away your age, but you may have been one of you.

  • Oh, yeah, You know, I've never driven one, but I suggest I think that the legend probably doesn't live up to reality.

  • Massive right into spectacles is the standard car.

  • It was made a 9 to 8 look at John.

  • They were a bit heavy anyway, so, but it was the tune ability that massive lump of heavy to Jay Z became a legendary vehicle.

  • Like so many cars, that standard were a bit lackluster by the time they've gone through the Japanese cheating male.

  • You know, the super's on a list of the things they were.

  • They just became part of folklore, motoring, folklore.

  • And they coincided with the max generation, which wonderful.

  • So that's a very treatable engine.

  • They're going to do great things with this car.

  • They go really fast.

  • And I think for me, that's something really appealing about the court date and a of a properly Japanese sports car.

  • They are more often than not, not is objectively good was going to say, Yeah, GTR and a sex super These well, quite deeply flawed cars.

  • They do they, but they carry with them a story, a narrative kind of Japanese obsession.

  • And there's something about them that makes you when you sit in, you go.

  • Why they done that?

  • You ever been to see the guys who build the GTR engines of any two of them that could build him a time like a 10 year training process.

  • White gloves a lot, but I level on this to me, just doesn't feel Japanese.

  • It's a bit like going to October fest in the kimono.

  • It doesn't quite work.

  • It's an idea for a feature.

  • Think right?

  • So let's get down to nitty gritty.

  • If you had to have one in this class, would you have the super the Al peen M to Comp or the Cayman Cayman GTs to stand out cars in the class?

  • For me, there's the LP, and there's the end to Compton et their head and shoulders above.

  • This is Ah, both as an object alone on a car.

  • You have to take one home out of those two.

  • I'd have the whole thing.

  • Yeah, I just think it's the standout sports car.

  • Volare.

  • Few years.

  • It offers something.

  • Nothing else does.

  • Lotus lightness of touch.

  • It's a car that you enjoy every drive, and it reveals more or more of its personality.

  • The empties a bit more blunt.

  • Instrument.

  • You want to smoke something around?

  • Yes, and it's only got receipts, but the rpm is almost an unrepeatable prospect at the moment, so yeah, all day long.

  • I wouldn't look at one of these.

  • I'm afraid Chris is the answer.

  • What is it?

  • Because you'd have a came in 84 with a new one yet, but that's 75 questions.

  • They're open to interpretation, I think I think.

right, Chris.


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