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  • The horror began in June 1984 Los Angeles was under siege.

  • Death waited in the dark at the hands of a man they called the Night Stalker.

  • After a 14 month reign of terror, he was finally caught.

  • It was only then that his true identity was discovered.

  • His name, Richard Ramirez.

  • Richard Marisol trip was toe hide in a tree or hide behind a fence and watch his victims at night, time and way into the wee hours of the night.

  • And then while they slept, creep in, you know, like a coward and kill him.

  • The nice doctor killed at least 13 times 13 people who were awakened in the night to face death.

  • At least 15 others survived his brutal attacks.

  • I didn't particularly careful people.

  • In a rare interview, Ramirez refused to discuss his own crimes but had this to say about serial killers.

  • A serial killer comes about by circumstances and, like a recipe poverty, drugs, child abuse.

  • These things, you know, contribute to a person to a person's frustration and anger.

  • And, uh and, uh, at some point in life, hey explodes, perhaps, for Richard Ramirez, that anger and frustration turned to rage, which he in turn, took out on his victims.

  • His killings were so sadistic and brutal that even experienced detectives were shocked.

  • We took a woman in her sixties and stopped her to death with his foot leaving an imprint of a shoe on the side of her face.

  • Uh, from that to just executing somebody upon walking into a room after he entered the house, he strangled.

  • He used the ligature.

  • He used a tire iron on a young girl.

  • A beater left her for dead.

  • But your anger subside.

  • If you had to wipe up your mother's blood, I couldn't finish it.

  • I had to leave my brother.

  • Why on earth would you have hurt those people?

  • Why did you kill those people?

  • I cannot answer that at this time.

  • What was Richard's mode?

  • Kill?

  • That's it To kill.

  • Simple is that Richard Ramirez was raised in a Paso, Texas, the youngest of five Children born to hardworking, strict parents.

  • Eddie Milon was Richard's best friend back then, and remembers when he began to change into a troublemaker.

  • I did start seeing something going wrong with Rick.

  • You're a menace.

  • I think what really messed him up was the asset he would do a lot of us.

  • The stealing, you know, I noticed the stealing and then started as a peeping Tom and things like that.

  • Ramirez is passion for burglary earned him the nicknames of Ricky the Thief and Fingers.

  • But Eddie knew Ramirez had other serious problems.

  • When he was fired from a local hotel, he said, he was fired.

  • He was dismissed due to the cause that he, uh, he had tried to molest him to little kids that were going up up the elevator.

  • By 18 Ramirez was a high school dropout drifting around California.

  • He stayed in Skid Row hotels, never seemed to work but always had the money to buy cocaine.

  • Friends say the Richard Ramirez they knew Bitten Date and wasn't the type to commit such heinous crimes.

  • But convicted murderer Martin Kip, who befriended Ramirez in prison, says he heard another tide of the night.

  • Richard told me he needed to associate gruesome violence or sex in order to be completely satisfied.

  • He also told me that he had to violently fantasize about his victims before he go away, sexually gratified their desires.

  • Wes, if where I didn't give in to them, I would be crushed by them.

  • I believe in the in the evil in human nature.

  • This isn't working wicked world, and, uh, in a wicked world, waking people are born not gonna play society my race for people or anything.

  • It is up to the individual like myself to keep on knocking on on whatever door they want to get into.

  • Because the victims and the methods of killing were so diverse, many experts felt there was no one night's doctor, detectives Korea.

  • When Salerno disagreed and finally broke the case by matching shoe prints, the subsequent trial turned into one of America's most notorious courtroom dramas, punctuated by continual outbursts from Ramirez.

  • In that trial, Ramirez's fascination with Satan is, um, emerged as far as Satan is concerned.

  • I believe that, you know, malevolent being, uh his description eludes me, but I have felt powers that are evil.

  • After an eight month trial, Ramirez was convicted of all 13 murders and given multiple death sentences.

  • I don't care about myself, really.

  • I don't care about what happens to me.

The horror began in June 1984 Los Angeles was under siege.


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