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  • today's revelation that there are 12 new confirmed Corona virus cases brings the total number in the UK to 35 3 of the new patients.

  • A close contact of the first uncovered 19 case to be transmitted within the UK by the sorry resident in Hazel Mitt.

  • Another of the new patients is from Essex and they also have not traveled to an affected area outside the UK The eight remaining new cases are from London, West Yorkshire.

  • Greater Manchester Heart Future on Gloucester Ship.

  • Six of those eight people had recently traveled from Italy while to have come in from Iran.

  • The prime minister will chain emergency Cobra meeting tomorrow on the government is expected to release more details of contingency plans in the next few days.

  • Is I shall tell 12 new patients.

  • It's the biggest jump in virus cases in a single day and at this lab that does all the testing, The prime minister wants to show the government is on top of it.

  • We found about 35 people in this country have or have had the illness on dhe.

  • Clearly there may be more than made that that is likely in outer to spread a bit more on dhe.

  • It's vital.

  • Therefore, the people understand that we do have a great plan, a plan to tackle the spread of Corona bars on dhe.

  • I am very, very confident that in the n hs, we have the professionals who will be well ableto cope with it.

  • Most of the patients had recently traveled to affected areas or in contact with someone that had.

  • But in two cases, it seems the patients had not left the country and could have caught the virus here in the UK Before the spike of cases was announced, I asked the health secretary about the N H s is ability to deal with the virus.

  • It's one of the busiest period off the year is the image is ready for a big outbreak.

  • Of course, Like the rest of government, the N hs has got very serious plans in place at the moment in this contain phase, when the number of cases is relatively no lo, the N H.

  • S is doing a brilliant job, but we have plans in place to scale up the response from the N HS.

  • Everybody can play their part.

  • We have a duty in government to keep people safe, but everybody has a duty to do what they can.

  • Washing her hands may usually, if you have a cough or a sneeze that you catch it on.

  • Dhe Following the advice of clinicians and the public health advice at this school where a staff member has tested positive, they've closed for a deep clean.

  • But this parent says the government must do more.

  • If they want to stop the virus from spreading, they should be making sure that people are isolated.

  • Children at both schools and parents should be isolated for atleast two weeks.

  • Worldwide, the number of infections is over 87,000 and nearly 3000 people have died.

  • The first deaths in Australia, Thailand and America have been reported in the country at the center of the worst outbreak in Europe, Italy cases have reached over.

  • 1000 pews stood empty.

  • A Sunday service is in.

  • Churches were canceled here in Milan and in Venice, gondolas stay docked on the side of the bank amid the current a virus outbreak in the country.

  • The pope told pilgrims gathered today that he's canceling his weeklong spiritually treat illness.

  • A Vatican spokesperson said.

  • It's a slight illness without going into further details.

  • In France, where the latest figures released show 100 people have the virus, they've banned large gatherings of over 5000 people.

  • At the Louvre, one of the most iconic places in Paris, confused visitors stood outside inside.

  • Staff were reportedly talking about new measures to protect workers from catching the virus.

  • But even though the Paris half marathon was canceled, these runners still figured out a way to take part organizing in smaller groups on social media to get their miles in here.

  • The government hasn't taken steps to ban public gatherings or isolate whole communities.

  • But with the biggest rise in cases so far, we may soon be entering a new phase where such extraordinary measures are considered well.

  • Earlier, I spoke to the SNP politician Jean Freeman, who is Scotland's health secretary, and I began by asking her what emergency measures could be put in place to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

  • We have the capacity to look at whether or no we prevent large gatherings, for example, sporting events, concerts or whatever on House close to Rita doing that, for instance, because in France they've already banned gatherings of people over 5000.

  • Yes, understand that.

  • Of course we have to be proportionate.

  • And in Scotland, at this point, we have no positive case.

  • We are ready to take those steps if we need to.

  • Could one of those steps be according to Matt Hancock there, considering this down here in England, asking retired GPS to come back and work and help out the general population.

  • So that is part off resilience plans that you would sensibly have in place on the basis that if, ah, large number off the population were affected by this virus on there for where either being cared for healthcare facilities or were safe, self isolating at home remembering.

  • But it doesn't affect everyone to the same degree.

  • Then you will be losing stuff from our health service as well as potentially from other service is in those instances you then look to see where else can you secure the expertise on training and you think you can persuade them to do that?

  • What I do know, I'm sure any chess Scotland staff are no different from across the country is all of our N h I staff will do everything that they need to do in order to care for patients.

  • That includes stuff, whether or not they're retired, it doesn't really matter and their dedication.

  • Their vocation in life is to care for other human beings for their fellow citizens.

  • And so I am confident that if that was required, then people would respond positively to that.

  • I guess that I'm trying to get out here is that if we look around the world, some some fairly drastic measures are already in place in Japan, they have shut down all schools until the end of April, with several 100 cases of the Corona virus and the relatively small number of deaths in France that banned gatherings of people over for over 5000 people.

  • When do we reach that stage here?

  • And how quickly can that come before we take the same sort of drastic measures in this country?

  • So it's in a sense, almost impossible to answer with absolute certainty that question, because it needs to be about, as I've said already, what the scientific and clinical add vases, and that is in part determined by the nature of the transmission off the disease.

  • On also the speed off it spread how successful we are in managing to contain it.

  • So that is, it's constantly reviewed.

  • It will be looked at again on Monday when Corporal Meats and I, and others from the Scottish government, including our first Minister, will be part off that that will be constantly reviewed in order to get the best clinical advice and be able to meet Louis decisions.

  • Jean Freeman.

  • Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you.

today's revelation that there are 12 new confirmed Corona virus cases brings the total number in the UK to 35 3 of the new patients.


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英国での12の新しいコロナウイルスの症例は35に合計を取る (12 new coronavirus cases in UK takes total to 35)

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