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  • What's up, guys?

  • First night here and this is the very first video of the Web series where we go over how to design an application.

  • Since I am currently designing an IOS application and I plan to implement that application and deploy onto the APP store, I figured, Why not make a Web series to kind of teach you guys that process that I'm going through and kind of what you need to do in order to have a well designed application?

  • And this is gonna be the first video of this Siri's where we go over ideas and sketching it essentially.

  • And then next video, we're gonna be going into working with Adobe X D and designing that followed by putting together the prototype and make sure all the screens are linked together.

  • So visit all sounds interesting to you.

  • Be sure to subscribe, so don't miss the future episodes and let's get into it.

  • So the iris application that I'm currently designing has to do with freelancing in the market over there.

  • But let's focus on something else because I don't want to give away all my secrets of the apple designing.

  • So let's do a recipe sharing social media platform.

  • So that's our idea.

  • What do we need within that?

  • That's the next step.

  • What we'll need is just like any other social media platform, which is a sign of screen a log in a profile ability toe edit that profile.

  • We need to have the ability to push recipes the ability to save those recipes.

  • To see those recipes on a feed we need.

  • We want to be able to explore recipes.

  • What if I'm looking for chicken Parmesan and there's no search bar?

  • Well, good luck's just scrolling through your feet until you find it.

  • You need a explore, you need a notification screen, and that's what you want to do when you're thinking when you really have the idea and you need to design the application, need to know what screens you need.

  • And as you go through drawing all of these out, you're gonna think all right, I need that screen to that screen, too.

  • So just get 5 to 10 screens in your mind right now and just start drawing them out.

  • And then once you go into actually designing it, actually drawing it out, you'll realize, like what other screens you need, and then you implement those as well.

  • Now we've done that.

  • Let's get into turning those ideas into paper.

  • Let's draw him out.

  • What you can do is have, like a iPhone mock up that you print it out and it's exact dimensions have been iPhone seven or an android or an iPhone five s C or whatever it may be or when you could do is have a ruler where you're kind of measuring the dimensions of an iPhone and you gonna have a exact screen size that you just drew out or what most people do.

  • From what I've seen, when you're just sketching, you just don't rectangles that are close in size to the screen that you want because all you're gonna do is translate those over to your software in this instance is gonna be a w x d.

  • It maybe sketch or something else, but at that time is when you're gonna make it look all pretty.

  • Right now, we're just trying to get a concept from our head onto paper.

  • So let's do it.

  • No.

  • So what we have here is the first screen that you're going to see upon launching the application.

  • It asked for your email password and sign it.

  • That's because we don't know if you already have an account, but we can do is come down here to new Member in order to sign up.

  • Or you can register with Facebook, Twitter or Google.

  • Plus, let's take, for instance, that you clicked on New Member.

  • You need to sign up with your email.

  • What you have to put in is your full name, your E mail.

  • Address your password, confirm your password and maybe your mobile number.

  • We ever so wish and then you want to continue, depending on what the application is.

  • Maybe well, the screen will be after that.

  • Is anything your profile you need to put in a profile picture.

  • Let's say you need to add in a bio, and anything else that we wish for them to add into their profile just is like a first starting point.

  • However, I didn't draw that screen just yet because we're just going through a few screens in this video.

  • What I plan on doing is just going over showing you guys a few of the screens.

  • Let's just say, for example, of course, I should sign in and sign up screen, and we're gonna go through creating some of these screens and adobe X D and turning those from design into prototype as well.

  • But at the end of all of this, I'm going to put a link down description once it's ready, where all these screens will be packed together and for sale over on dribble.

  • For those who don't feel like designing the whole thing themselves and they want a template and where you can have a template, you can change your colors.

  • You can change your shapes, and you changed everything here in there instead of creating everything from scratch.

  • So depending on how you evaluate your time to your money determines whether you want to build it all on your own.

  • Or you just want to spend 10 or 20 bucks and buy this thing, but something else would probably want to do with.

  • The application is asked what kind of food that person likes, for example, and then make them follow 10 people to start off with, and then it immediately goes to their feed after they choose that, and they can see the most recent posts from those 10 people they're not following just to kind of get them.

  • Not an empty feed or no people there following just so they kind of get that jump start of that social media experience and then you're going to keep doing that.

  • You're just gonna keep building screens.

  • Think about what you want that screen to display.

  • Like, for example, right now, I was just thinking I just thought off the top of my head that we should make the people follow 10 people in order for them to start off with that social media experience and have that feed already filled with their recipes.

  • Just said they kind of get that jump start, you know?

  • So what you want to do is kind of go through that motion.

  • Say OK, I want to feed.

  • All right.

  • How do I want to lay out how they post things?

  • If it's a recipe, how are you gonna do that?

  • You want to put the image you want to post a title of the recipe, you wanna post a description of the recipe, then you want a post all the ingredients and stuff.

  • Do you want them to format off the themselves or do you want a specific format where you kind of give him text boxes that, you know, you can upload an image here for the text boxes.

  • You know, you put your title here, you put your description here.

  • Whatever it may be, I don't know, but that's what you kind of want to think about.

  • And by the end of the Siri's, I'm gonna have to figure it out, because I'm gonna have to make sure all of the screens are welcome in into that package, which, in all honesty, that package would be something that you would be showing to your client or what you would be showing to your developer so they can approve and start developing.

  • But that's it for now, just kind of like a short intro.

  • And then next episode, we're gonna be getting into actually how to design something like this in adobe X D.

  • So stay tuned.

  • We sure subscribe.

What's up, guys?


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