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  • What's up, guys?

  • First night here and welcome to my channel.

  • If you haven't subscribed already, be sure to do that.

  • And some of you you're probably wondering, why am I introducing this video like that?

  • Well, this video is going to service my channel at because we're going to discuss how a few things were changing on the channel and kind of what this channel is all about.

  • So, first of foremost, this channel is about IOS development.

  • I'm currently in idea journey season, too, But first, let's talk about season one.

  • Season one began when I decided to start learning I was development again.

  • I took a year to be course I built a few simple apse, one based on you.

  • Why one based on integrating an AP I calculator Ever be integrated sound?

  • Whenever you had a button and math and all this school stuff and all those air might get depository, And after I was done with that course, I felt comfortable enough to start my own application.

  • Season two was born, so Season two is me creating my application of big application that plane to launch on the APP store.

  • All the other ones get help this one app store, so it's gonna be quite a bit different from Season one, because season one I talked about everything, I was development and integrated that into idea journey as well as all the learning stuff.

  • Season two is going to be specifically regarding this one application, and it's not gonna be as frequent as I would like.

  • It's going to slow down to maybe one video every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • That's because I'm currently an undergraduate computer science major.

  • I'm finishing up my fourth year.

  • And as many of you know, when your senior school, you're able to choose a lot of cool electives to there's electives having to be artificial intelligence as well as Web programming.

  • So I'm gonna try to integrate some of the stuff I learned in that course onto this channel.

  • Artificial challenges.

  • I'm not 100% sure what we'll be doing if it makes sense to share, and if I understand it well enough in order to officially communicate it with you guys, then I'll do that with what programming I know I'll be able to at least you know, efficiently communicate with you guys how ever I'm not sure if it'll violate the honor code, because I'm creating a slack clone and there many other people in my class, of course.

  • And I don't want to make a video where someone else to use my code base.

  • So I'm going to find the line of under code violation and, you know, right up against that is where I'm gonna be with the videos that creates.

  • If you don't know, it's like use checkouts like dot com.

  • It's very useful tool for developers as well as many other people.

  • And I know this is about his development, like I mentioned, but I figured you guys would be interested in some Web programming if you absolutely hate the idea.

  • And there's a bunch of people in the comment section to say, No, I don't want you to have programming.

  • Maybe I'll reconsider.

  • Let me know if you want Web programming, let me know if you want our fish intelligence.

  • It's just that I really need to focus on these two things because they're class.

  • And then if I make a video about it helped me learn it even more because some of these things require presentations in class and I'll actually have content for this channel because I'm spending time doing artificial intelligence course and then my programming course among all of my other courses.

  • I won't have much time to actually focus on the house development, which means they're not gonna be many.

  • I was development videos on my eye was Development Channel, so I at least want to have some type of programming on my chin.

  • And speaking of I was development again, I intentionally mentioned how I did you I in this ap ap I and this app made the calculator because I really focused on one thing.

  • Any chap I didn't.

  • You know, I made a decent you eye for the for.

  • The weather at ports is where I integrated the AP.

  • I however, I want to go back in my guitar repositories and round out all of my applications to actually make it look like portfolio because I don't want to have a crappy app with Okay, you I and then an integrated a p i in this app with, you know, nothing else really going on.

  • I want to have all these well rounded and instead of, you know, creating a giant application which I'll be working on as much as possible.

  • I'll be able to still do ours development, but just smaller projects.

  • And you know, when I'm building this application, I am doing it in smaller chunks like social feed or profile.

  • Or this or that.

  • However, that still is a big chunk in and of itself, and these is it's already done.

  • I just need to integrate a few other things.

  • I know it's easier said that done, but I just want to do as much I was developing on this channel as I can while still maintaining my grades in school.

  • And, of course, since videos like these where I'm just talking and videos like what I'm about to make it is a cool little log, right?

  • Integrate my upgraded to my MacBook Pro because I've been talking about this for the past year.

  • I'll get to that next video, but just, uh, subscribe so you can see that and I mean it.

  • I keep saying Subscribe because I really want you guys Thio, come on, this journey with me it's a lot of fun.

  • I love interacting with you also just subscribe Anyways, I digress.

  • Let me recap so I dont Journey, although slow is still gonna be here.

  • What programming?

  • I want to be building a slack clue.

  • Let me know if you're interested in that artificial intelligence.

  • I'm going to let you guys know more about.

  • You know, once I understand what exactly we're doing in the class, I'll let you guys know when I figured that out.

  • So probably within the next week or two.

  • Of course.

  • Since causes just started today, number four upgrading my gear hub repositories applications.

  • So it looks like a real portfolio.

  • So two of those things where I was development, but I am going to be making other videos.

  • Like I said with that, you know, my last video on this channel has to do with this desk.

  • Gonna be discussing a few other topics when it comes to I was development the industry swift for X code eight or extra in it.

  • What is it that I don't know?

  • I think it's extra nine about to come out with four and then the after Nate and Oh, yeah, I'm also doing design of the month.

  • If you haven't been keeping up with those, I only have two, but the next is under the month is going to be iPhone eight design in Adobe X D.

  • So I'm gonna take the rumor dimensions of the iPhone eight unless I create this after the release and I'll take the actual dimensions and designed an application in Adobe X D, which is very beneficial because where I was developers here.

  • Anyways, that's the plan for now, you know, for the foreseeable future that probably will change.

  • So be sure to stay tuned some of those videos.

  • I don't want to make too many.

  • This is what this channel is about.

  • Videos, which I feel like I kind of have a least.

  • I've talked about it in past videos because a lot of things has changed.

  • I mean, life changes, job, school, work, side projects, job and work is the same thing.

  • I understand that.

  • But there's a lot going on that I don't even differentiate all these.

  • It's just gonna like black into one.

  • And I also have to do YouTube and all this other stuff.

  • So it's very busy.

  • I hope you guys join the ride and subscribe, and until next time, have a good one.

What's up, guys?


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