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  • Hey, guys, meet us at the Gold Room.

  • We have a gold way up.

  • So come on down, guys.

  • For the last two weeks, the team have been mining Howie's cut.

  • The gold count has been low and further upstream is ground.

  • Dave's tests predict will be better, but he refuses to move until he knows this operation is successfully capturing Feingold.

  • The 1st 2 acres of how he's cut 21.2 ounces.

  • Okay, the final acre of how he's cut 18.4 all three acres, 39.6 ounces.

  • Our goal was 90.

  • The bowl is catching the Feingold.

  • They've been losing, but the team is still way behind.

  • Shocking.

  • So we get a decision.

  • Make stayed, how he's cut or we move on.

  • There's only one way we're gonna catch up, and that's to move bigger goal because we'll get a bigger way quicker tuned in now.

  • So you said once were tuned.

  • In we go the good ground.

  • Bigger gold, more gold.

  • Why?

  • We're gonna leave it there for the weather.

  • We're moving to the next day.

  • We have to.

  • I'm tired of this.

  • Fine.

  • Ask all.

  • The good news is we're catching it.

  • And as we move to the next cut, we're gonna catch more ready to move decisions made.

  • How he's cuts over.

  • It's done, everybody in, Let's do it.

  • 123 It's time to go.

  • It's time to get into better gold and start making up For all the lost time and lost bounces that we have, Everybody's excited.

  • We're moving to a new cut.

  • It's bigger gold.

  • It's more gold.

  • So, yeah, things were looking up.

  • Dave's closing, how he's cut and moving upstream.

  • At the start of the season, David Jason ran to 10 yard bulk tests that predicted this ground holds an average of $14 per yard.

  • With six acres of land to mine, Dave expects a return of over $300,000 in lost gold.

Hey, guys, meet us at the Gold Room.


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デイブはハウイーのカットを放棄する|ゴールドラッシュ:デイブ・トリノの失われた鉱山 (Dave Abandons Howie's Cut | Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine)

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