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  • what could be the cause of his nighttime outbursts and terrible acts of self harm?

  • Maybe his bones back in New York could contain some clues.

  • I joined Richard and John as they examine.

  • The most impressive part of jumpers remains his huge skull.

  • One of the first things we see when we look at his skull is just how malformed his teeth are.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • I mean, we can see this tooth here is really curved in this direction.

  • On on the other side is curved again.

  • There should have been straight.

  • Yeah, he wouldn't expect to see the tooth bent in this kind of way.

  • In a normal, healthy elephant, we can think of elephant teeth a bit like conveyor belts, so they have six teeth, but only ever one of them will be in wear on each side at any one time.

  • On another one will be coming in underneath and behind it to replace it at the time, which that tooth falls out.

  • When that tooth doesn't wear down enough, What happens is it gets stuck in the mouth and it stays there.

  • But the other tooth carries on developing a moving up behind it on because it's softer because it hasn't formed properly.

  • What happens is it hits the tooth that's impacted on Ben's.

  • Ben's out of shape.

  • You can see right here that resist gap.

  • All that sweet food.

  • Another inappropriate diet that jumbo is having could have gotten stuck and even got into the root in the gum where infection could have got started.

  • Or at least inflammation.

  • Probably pretty painful.

  • So Jumbo had terrible to think.

  • Yeah, I'm afraid so.

  • Poor thing.

what could be the cause of his nighttime outbursts and terrible acts of self harm?


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ジャンボのひどい歯の痛み|アッテンボローと巨象|BBCアメリカ (Jumbo's Terrible Toothache | Attenborough and the Giant Elephant | BBC America)

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