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  • fingers cross from a temple.

  • Pray to the monks that this thing does not stick rights.

  • Well.

  • Allow take advantage of the local ingredients and a refreshing, delicious omelet.

  • If it starts to stick to the side of the water, then I'll turn into scrambled eggs first in love.

  • But my aromatics in there.

  • The most amazing Shalom's Garlic Chili A little bit.

  • Hello, sugar.

  • The most amazing herbs.

  • Okay, basil, Fresh mint Diehl.

  • I do now.

  • They literally cried every night, paste in the hubs with a touch of fish source that will give it its little bit off, acidic and seizing from there.

  • Pound in the ingredients.

  • What do you think of?

  • Allow cuisine?

  • It's about the salad.

  • US bitterness more poorly.

  • The power of chilies.

  • Get that down to a nice pope.

  • Useful?

  • Well, it's about this is a little touch of Franklin Pepper made out of the rice.

  • Now, from that, the eggs go straight in there.

  • It may look like a different way old making amazing omelet scrambled eggs.

  • But trust me, it's gonna make sense in a minute.

  • Mix that up now.

  • No seasoning.

  • Okay, because depending on that fragrance from the herbs, chili is also what on the business of Lao inside a woman, right?

  • Mike is really nice and hot.

  • Now, if this is a proper nonstick walk, then I'll make people only with fresh herbs in the middle.

  • Let's see what we're up against.

  • I came to see Yeah, Here we go.

  • No, literally cooking within seconds like any omelet needs to be a little bit running in the middle, but push that against the side.

  • That looks beautiful.

  • And then from that, as it starts to cook mystery over herbs Just break some fresh herbs into the center.

  • Oh, my.

  • Only I'd be useful.

  • Delicious.

  • Amazing on that.

  • Such a seizing in the center, fingers crossed from a temple.

  • Pray to the monks that this thing does not stick.

  • Here we go.

  • Tucked up in the name just not to get this thing rolling down.

  • You should a peaceful have ominous, uh, delicious.

  • Now, trust me, I know slightly different, you know, bomblets that it's fucking delicious, even with flies.

  • Trust me.

  • Another source of protein.

  • Yeah, let me know in the comments what you think of that amazing scrambled egg dish on def.

  • You missed uncharted.

  • Trust me, you can watch it on the link below or on the Nat Geo app.

fingers cross from a temple.


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ゴードン・ラムジーがラオスでスパイシーなアジアンオムレツを作る|スクランブルド (Gordon Ramsay Makes a Spicy Asian Omelette in Laos | Scrambled)

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