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  • What's up, guys?

  • Many of sports tonight and we're going to talk about programming languages today way looking at the fastest growing programming languages as well as the best, with an open source software as well as the most in demand languages in the industry.

  • The ranking system started with a list of 300 languages that were taken from Get Hub.

  • But they're searching on Twitter and Google.

  • Searches and trends searching on Reddit and searching on Packer news were able to narrow that down to 48 programming languages.

  • Now, to make it easier, I'm going to give the top 20 of each chart, but I will include the link in the description so you can go check out the charts on your own.

  • I know I'm kind of talking like I created these rankings, but I did not I e spectrum or IEEE Spectrum.

  • We're the ones who created this software in order to gather all these languages and rank them properly.

  • I'm taking these rankings with a grain of salt because I don't agree with everything that's all in these rankings and charts, so y'all should do the same.

  • But it definitely gives us a better idea of where languages are ranked compared to other languages within specific realms, we're going to start off looking at the eye.

  • Tripoli all around spectrum raking the top four languages in the all around ranking is also the top four for the other three charts that we're gonna be looking at, which is C.

  • C++ Java and Python with go rinky and number 10 and Swift at number 11 beating our Objective C, which is at number 18 not 18 20.

  • It's at number 20.

  • And yes, you may have noticed their imperfections in these rankings because they included Are DWI.

  • No, and as we know or do we know is merely a set of C or C Christmas functions that could be called out of your code.

  • So fills me creating these rankings.

  • I would not include Arduino, nor would I include HTML.

  • I understand why they included a C E mail, and that's because it's used widely within the industry.

  • But I mean, come on, really, you're gonna include HTML fastest and greatest growing programming languages.

  • And as I said before, all the charts have the same top for programming languages.

  • Would you look at that swift has bumped up to the number five spot, and I could definitely agree with that because Swift as new language it is, it was created by Apple IOS and Mac OSX.

  • Development is very big right now, and it is definitely a quick growing language.

  • Now, some people out there maybe saying that Swift is the fastest growing language.

  • But I'd like to remind everybody thinking that that Swift is only used in IOS and Mac OS X, while C c++ Pathon in Java are used in a much wider market.

  • But I do agree that Swift is growing very quickly.

  • I entered the scene of Iowa's development just before Swift hit the market, so I was learning objective.

  • See, I wasn't all that great at it, and then boom swift hit the market.

  • So I figured, Why not go ahead and learned swift?

  • Of course they're gonna make tweaks here and there.

  • That's something that will come with a new language.

  • But it is definitely one that it's struggling to eclipse objective C.

  • But I believe will definitely take down objective see in the near future within IOS in O S s development.

  • But let's not forget why objective C is the IOS and OS X preferred language now behind Swift, of course, and that is because it was chosen as a main language by next for the next step operating system.

  • And for those of you unfamiliar with next, Steve Jobs found it after he resigned from Apple back in 1985.

  • I believe now this next chart is my personal favorite because it's very helpful to people like me.

  • I am a computer science student about to enter the industry, and it's helpful for me because this is a chart of the most in demand languages by employers.

  • And as you see, trailing the main four languages is JavaScript and C sharp.

  • Those air, definitely the languages.

  • I woulda guessed to come after the main four within the industry because I hear about people using Java script all the time.

  • C sharp.

  • Maybe not as much as I hear about C++ Java python, but it is definitely up there with them, and I'm happy to see that Matt Lab made the top 20 at number 18.

  • Matt Lab is used a lot within many companies to in particular that I am very familiar and interested in being NASA and space sex.

  • So if you want to get a job in a place like that, be sure to learn Matt Lab.

  • Now.

  • If you really want to get your creative juices flowing, take a look at this chart.

  • This is the open source program.

  • Languages chart the same four of the top and was swift coming in at number five.

  • I can confirm this.

  • There have been a lot of swift repositories popping up on Get having what?

  • Not within the past couple of years.

  • Of that, it's been out.

  • And of course, there's going to be a lot of C plus plus and python out there as well.

  • If you want to learn some language that like nobody else knows about.

  • But you and maybe a couple of friends know about, you will find some sort of project to contribute Thio within the open source world with whatever language you want to learn.

  • If there's not a particular project that sparks your interest, you can go ahead and create your own, and I guarantee they're people who are in the same position as you and really like what you just created, and they will contribute to yours.

  • There's no other feeling like someone else coming liking your project that you created from scratch and contributing to it to make it better.

  • It is an amazing feeling.

  • So to recap C C plus plus python in job, in whatever order at least one of those languages you should know if you're out there looking for a job, even if you're in open source or if you just want to stay relevant with the times.

  • Because although these air old languages they're good languages, their tried and true, they're not gonna be changed a lot with a lot of updates, like swift or like go or like dark.

  • So you should definitely learn at least one of these languages.

  • And, you know, if you learned c++, it's very easy to pick up on Java or C and Python is even easier.

  • But although languages like Swift or being updated and changed a little bit here and there, I will not sleep on those fast risers.

  • I could definitely see swift seizing more of the industry's mind share in the coming years.

  • So at the end of every video, I'm going to try to have a question of the day.

  • So today's question of the day is, do you agree or disagree with these rankings?

  • Common your answer below.

  • If you disagree, police tell me why you disagree.

  • And if you agree, tell me why you agree.

  • So I really hope you enjoy this video and took something away from it.

  • And if that's the case, be sure to drop a like on this video and subscribe, because that really helps me out have a going.

What's up, guys?


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