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  • the most dangerous ocean crossing in the world is from South American and Artie, 600 miles of the most treacherous and unpredictable waters on the planet.

  • Drake Passage.

  • Right now, six elite athletes are attempting to survive Arctic cold temperatures, windstorms and 40 foot swells in a rowboat.

  • It's been really hard getting how to keep mourning something hard for me, that's for sure.

  • Feeling super seasick when I'm adjusting things outside our online down, I'm fine.

  • Minimize the amount a little to do.

  • So I need to do here.

  • So I just use this time to rest the game itself.

  • You got a fleet?

  • Prevent blisters.

  • You gotta drink water.

  • You can see in the swells how sometimes the blade gets hot on the top of the way.

  • A little bit tricky, but all things considered, today's date a row.

  • So now they stole our tail.

  • Wind is ripping right now, which hopefully will allow us to clear about 60 70 miles of continental shelf, where the weather can be worst if the ocean swells air pushed up into massive waves.

  • Our goal is to go 60 70 miles in the 1st 36 hours before would have to row against a stronger I sometimes saying that ocean rowing is like sex with the engine.

  • Goddess of the ocean.

  • Seven is delightful, something dreadful today.

  • They're dreadful brewing.

  • The Drake is the furthest you can aim in the ocean rowing world.

  • In my opinion, Carlino, Brady and I mats during my talk going has been to in fact, Antarctica.

  • I know everything about ocean rowing.

  • We decided to join forces and make it work.

  • You know, Fiona is a huge asset on this trip.

  • Is depth of experience and knowledge and all the different environments that he's seen is gonna be crucial.

  • Sophie on has got both the ability within or and confidence on the high seas.

  • He's, I believe, the world's most accomplished ocean rower.

  • Talking about my achievements, I think I'm moderately humble.

  • I think I'm in the middle of on this scale.

  • I am probably the most accomplished ocean row where, in terms of the amount of oceans road and in terms of the amount of records broken first the road for ocean that's massive.

  • First to hold over all speed records on three oceans simultaneously, I would say the biggest, probably the the amount of world first that I own.

  • I hold nine of them, which is actually the highest number of world first ever held.

  • Once you do it first, it's always yours.

  • In 1000 years, there again, we'll still be just that one person that was first.

  • Yeah, I would say that potion Rowing is the furthest end off the ultra endurance.

  • You're hungry or dirty.

  • You are injured.

  • You are tired when wet.

  • It's dark, it's blowing.

  • You know, it's noisy.

  • It's scary.

  • I think many things, and when you put it all together, it's a little bit beyond the further standoff.

  • Human discomfort I think there is not much that you can kind of do to prepare yourself.

  • There were Olympic athletes who turned out rather average, Uh, no, because they we're not feeding off.

  • They were absolutely fit.

  • It's just because there were other elements missing off there.

  • All these years, I have learned that it's not mathematics.

  • It's the feedback on understanding the feedback.

  • I think it's something you are born with or you are notes.

  • You just do it A couple of always a couple miles start clearing middle shelf around South America.

  • These moments, they remind me that Ocean Rose most easy enjoyed retrospectively, but it's time when I go on the road, I forget about it.

  • No, I remember again.

  • So far I've seen this will start to build a little, so it's a bit more Bobby on the water.

  • The current weather report suggests that it's gonna turn into a headwind, which, if strong enough, would mean that we would have to sexy, anchor and essentially halted negative progress rather than trying to grow against stronger head Drink has a notorious reputations person pretty ferocious conditions, So anticipation builds for the drink shape.

  • Follow the expedition in real time on Discovery.

the most dangerous ocean crossing in the world is from South American and Artie, 600 miles of the most treacherous and unpredictable waters on the planet.


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