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  • Can you sneeze with your eyes open? I don't think so. But there are various other actions

  • that you can do with your eyes. So in today's lesson we are gonna look at different English

  • verbs that would help us to describe the actions that our eyes make. So let's have a look.

  • Hey friends I am Niharika and welcome back. Well when we talk about different verbs related

  • to our eyes the very common ones that we use are watch, see and look. Like we see something

  • with our eyes we watch something with our eyes and we look at something with our eyes.

  • But then there are different verbs that you can use instead of using these common ones.

  • So which are these words? Well we have it right here for you I'll help you to understand

  • them and of course how to use them in your conversation. So we will start with the first

  • one which isgaze”. Have you heard this before? Like gazing at the Stars is the most

  • wonderful thing. Yes! You do gaze at the stars in the night. So gaze actually means to look

  • at something or to look at someone with admiration you know when you find someone who is super

  • gorgeous, very beautiful and you just gaze at that person. Well you are looking at that

  • person with admiration. Okay so the next time you would not say that, “oh he was looking

  • at mewell rather than using the word look you can use the verbgaze”, okayhe

  • gazed at me all night longbut probably because you are so pretty, okay? Moving on

  • to the second verb that I have which ispeek”. Have you heard this before? Peek-a-boo! Well

  • peek means to have a quick look. Probably a secret look. For example, “could you just

  • peek outside and see if the audience is settled down?” So which means someone wants you

  • to go check or have a quick look to see if the audience is settle down. So peek is to

  • have a quick look, alright? Moving on to the third verb that I have for you isstare”.

  • Well when do you stare at someone? Well stare is to look at something with wide-open eyes

  • probably you're looking at the person with surprise or you're just giving a blank look

  • at someone. So that's staring. Like how men stare at women, ah, that's absolutely disgusting.

  • But yes so stare means to look at someone or something with wide eyes open it's like

  • a blank look okay? So it's a blank look with wide-open eyes. Moving on to the fourth one

  • isblink”. Blink, blinkwell yes to open your eyes and to shut them. So it's like

  • a quick movement, that's blinking, okay? That's how you blink so that's very simple many times

  • or probably English learners don't know the exact word to use when you open and shut your

  • eyes quickly well that's to blink, okay? That's blinking. So to blink is to open and shut

  • to open and shut your eyes quickly. Moving on

  • to the next verb that I have for you well that actually rhymes with blink, “wink”.

  • Well when do you wink at someone? So it's just in a very flirtatious manner or in a

  • joking manner like when you crack a joke and you want to express that with your eyes your

  • like, like this okay? So when you just open and shut your eye, just one eye quickly there

  • are people who can try to wink with both their eyes I can't do it I can just do it with my

  • right eye like this so that's winking, okay? So to wink is to open and shut one, one of

  • your eye and when you're joking, you probably crack a joke or probably you're flirting with

  • someone okay in a very flirtatious manner you wink at the girl or the boy, right? Moving

  • on to the next verb that I have for you which ispop”. Now you don't really pop your

  • eye out, okay? Well the meaning of the word pop is pretty much similar to stare but pop

  • is when you look at someone or something in surprise, when you're astonished to see something

  • and your eyes go wide open okay like this, like you're shocked or you surprised, you're

  • astonished. You your eyes pop, okay? “Why are you popping your eyes, well this is nothing

  • great? Okay so when you actually open your eyes wide open in surprise or in shock. Alright

  • moving on to the next one isroll”. Well have you seen people rolling their eyes, like

  • their eyeballs? I can't do it well I kind of try to do it but I fail to do it. Well

  • rolling your eyes is basically when you move your eyeballs round in circle okay especially

  • when you're annoyed at someone when you're really angry at someone or someone just said

  • something so stupid or so something so strange that you roll your eyes with anger or with

  • irritation okay like probably when a small kid comes to you and says something really

  • silly and you're like ah okay so you roll your eyes with anger or frustration so that's

  • rolling your eyes. So when you moveso when you move your eyeballs in circle okay

  • you go round the eyeballs go round when you're angry or when you're frustrated, right? And

  • then the last verb that I have for you to describe an action that your eye makes is

  • ogle”. Now ogle is when a person stares at you with the sexual attraction or sexual

  • desire okay so that's ogle. There's a difference between stare and ogle, stare is when you

  • just look at someone with wide-open eyes but ogle is used when a person is looking at the

  • other person with sexual desire like for example my friend attended a party last night and

  • she told me that there was this guy who ogled at her all night long, okay? So he wasn't

  • really flirting but yes he was looking at her in a very sexual manner, right? So to

  • look, to look with sexual desire is to ogle, okay? So the next time you are talking about

  • someone's eyes, probably you're looking at something or you are seeing or you're watching

  • something well rather than using the old verbs and very, very boring verbs try using these

  • verbs right here. So these are eight different verbs that you can use, so start using them

  • in your conversation and I'll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care.

Can you sneeze with your eyes open? I don't think so. But there are various other actions


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