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  • Hello YouTube subscribers

  • Right now, our relationship is a bit, complicated.

  • While it feels like just the two of us, me making videos for you, there's really three

  • of us.

  • And for you to be able to watch one of my videos, three things need to happen:

  • 1.

  • I make the video.

  • 2.

  • I have to put it somewhere.

  • That's YouTube for a variety of reasons.

  • 3.

  • You need to be told that the video is up.

  • The internet is a big place and it's easy to miss stuff.

  • This last part is, presumably, why you're a subscriber and why, hopefully, you're seeing

  • this video.

  • But I hear from a lot of people that the message about a new video being up doesn't always

  • get though.

  • Now I don't want to point any fingers or anything, *but that's totally on YouTube*.

  • For whatever reason, they've had a bit of a history when it comes to *not* always sending

  • notifications to subscribers.

  • Like my last video which went up in the middle of some huge technical problem with subscriber

  • feeds.

  • This kind of thing has been going on for years.

  • Also, YouTube has been going the FaceBook path of deciding for you what you want to

  • watch, instead of just showing you the stuff you subbed to.

  • So they might just ignore what you've subscribed to for their own business reasons which turns

  • the subscriber button into more of a suggestion from you rather than a request.

  • And, because I don't have a way to talk to you directly, YouTube can, at any time, for

  • any reason, basically just shut down a channel.

  • Just done.

  • That's a lot of power that I hope they'd never lean on in a negotiations with creators.

  • But anyway:

  • I've been thinking about this a lot and I've figured out a crazy technological solution

  • to all of the above: it's called email.

  • Yeah, seriously.

  • I know email feels like barely post-industrial technology at this stage, but I've been testing

  • it out with several tens of thousands of people and it's working great.

  • If you want to always see the things I've made, click this button, enter your address,

  • and I can just tell you when I've made things.

  • It's amazing.

  • And we don't have to rely on YouTube to pass notes for us.

  • It makes our relationship direct and clear.

  • And I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to make it work best for you.

  • Click here to try it out.

  • ...

  • Still here huh.

  • Not sure quite why...

  • Guess I should say something...

  • Well, I've been thinking about the relationship between creators and audiences for a while

  • now.

  • I've written about it here, and spoken with Brady, my podcast co-host about it here and

  • here.

  • If you're interested, you can click and check those things out as well.

  • Still watching, huh?

  • Well this is getting weird, so I'm going to just end the video now.

  • Bye...

  • Seriously.

Hello YouTube subscribers


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