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  • Hey, everyone

  • And this video,

  • I'm gonna give you a quick introduction to linked list

  • And in this video, I'm only gonna cover

  • the very basic of linked lists. But I'll cover more

  • advanced topics in a later video. Now a linked lists is

  • basically a data structure for storing a collection of item.

  • For example, these numbers

  • 6, 3, 4, 2 and 1

  • and it does in a different way from the way an array does it

  • So as we saw in my previous video

  • an array can be visualized as a long box

  • with many partitions of the same size

  • and a linked list can be visualzed as

  • many boxes that are connected to each other

  • and the difference between an array and a linked list

  • will be more clear in a later video

  • But let's first focus on how a linked list

  • can be implemented in this video. Now each of

  • these boxes in a linked list can be represent as an object

  • And let's say the class for that objects is called

  • the Box

  • Actually we will rename it later. We're gonna change the name later.

  • but let's for now call it Box

  • And it's gonna have two attributes or 2 fields in this class.

  • and first one of those attributes is gonna be called 'data'

  • it's gonna be the data or the item

  • each box contains

  • so if you have... let's say the first box in a variable

  • called head

  • if you write head dot data

  • that's gonna give us this value 6 right there

  • that's the data - head the first box contains

  • and the type of data could actually be anything

  • it could be an integer. it could be a string

  • a character or anything else for there matter

  • but here I just assume that it's an integer. just for simplicity

  • And that's why I wrote int data here.

  • and the second attribute here or the second field

  • is gonna be called next.

  • That's gonna refers to the next box that's connected to

  • the particular box

  • if you write head dot next

  • that's gonna refer to the next box

Hey, everyone


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リンクリスト入門 (データ構造とアルゴリズム #5) (Introduction to Linked Lists (Data Structures & Algorithms #5))

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