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  • How many books do you need to read to achieve your dream life?

  • Two or three to get your life organized, a couple of more to get that fit body,

  • another stack for building your career, 5 more for your perfect relationship,

  • another 10 or 20?

  • What if there was a single book that held all the answers you needed

  • to achieve your dream life?

  • This book exists, but you can't buy it on your Kindle and Amazon would not

  • be able to deliver it.

  • You have to write it yourself.

  • Imagine putting all your dreams inside this book, your dream car,

  • your ideal and fit healthy body, all the exotic destinations you've always

  • wanted to cross off your bucket list.

  • The name of this mystery book is Lifebook.

  • Meet Jon, an entrepreneur and an artist, the creator of Lifebook.

  • One of Jon's goals that he included in his Lifebook was to hack aging.

  • This is Jon when he was 29.

  • And this is him when he is 49.

  • Take a look at Missy, Jon's wife.

  • Jon and Missy are parents and grandparents, and they reinvented

  • the idea of parenting and schooling.

  • Their kids did not go to regular school, and as a family,

  • they've traveled half of the world.

  • Jon believes, "My children will learn more from the bazaars of Egypt

  • than the American public school system."

  • When Vishen was writing his Lifebook, one of his goals was to change

  • the environments that surrounded him.

  • Here's the Mindvalley office back in 2005 to 2006.

  • And today Mindvalley has an award-winning office with an amazing design.

  • When Ericka, another Lifebook alumni, was writing her Lifebook back in 2017,

  • she set an intention to take her nephew to travel around the world.

  • A year later, they traveled for 6 months visiting more than 12 countries

  • in 2 different continents.

  • And here's Gaby who, just as Jon, challenged her subconscious belief that

  • everybody has to look and feel old just because of their age.

  • Ten months after writing her Lifebook, she's completely changed

  • her diet and exercise routine.

  • "Now at the age of 51, I have the body that I had

  • back when I was 17."

  • When you put your dreams into your Lifebook, "It's no longer an 'if,'

  • it's just a 'when' this will happen."

  • Now it's time to write your story.

  • Sign up for a free masterclass with Jon and Missy Butcher and learn more about how

  • to write the story that will turn your life into a masterpiece.

How many books do you need to read to achieve your dream life?


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この本はあなたの人生を変える (This Book Will Change Your Life)

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