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  • So question is, what is a port 80?

  • Redirect.

  • So the important thing to understand is that Web servers, by default, use Port 80 for any kind of http traffic.

  • So if you go to a website, whether it's fail normal dot com or youtube dot com or some other website, and you plug in http colon slash last www dot feel normal dot com and then you go to the website the port.

  • For that network traffic will be Port 80 and so this is all just done in the background, and you don't have to worry about it.

  • The problem is, if you're gonna be setting up a Web server on a residential Internet service provider connection many times those residential I S P's will block poor 80 eso.

  • This is a brute force way for them to try to prevent you from running Web servers on your own network.

  • And so what they do is they just simply block Port 80 than if you try to have any inbound port 80 traffic.

  • It will simply be blocked, and your Web server won't work.

  • This has led to a lot of frustrations for new Web server administrator's where they create their new Web server, they set up port forward in They think they did everything correctly, but nobody can connect to their their Web server.

  • And the reason is that the is at the I S P level Port 80 is being blocked.

  • Now, what you can do to run your Web server from your home if Port 80 is being blocked is you can change the default configurations for your Web server to use a different port.

  • Ah, by by default, you can generally also use poor 80 80.

  • Or you can go into the configurations and changed poor 7506.

  • If he really wanted to, you could plug in any port you wanted.

  • The problem here is is that you can set up your Web server and your network toe work normally so you can set up port forwarding within your router to to route whatever port that is to your Web server.

  • You can set up your domain your D.

  • N s toe point, to your I P address, but the issue is is that people would then have to plug in that port number when they're trying to go to your domain.

  • So let's say I set up fail normal to run off of poor 80 80.

  • If somebody wanted, then go to my Web server.

  • They would have to type in www dot feel normal dot com Cole and 80 80 because 80 is default.

  • If I'm going to use any other port other than 80 I have to type in colon.

  • And whatever that port number is, this works.

  • This works completely fine.

  • But if you've ever deal dealt with any normal users, telling them that they have to plug in a port number in order to go to a website is probably not going to work out very well.

  • And so you can use a service from a company such as No hyphen I.

  • P.

  • Doc com, which is called a port 80.

  • Redirect.

  • So if you set up your d n a service with no hyphen, i p dot com, when you go through and you deal with all the configurations, one of the configurations that you can set up is the port 80 redirect.

  • So this is where what port should your web traffic be?

  • Ah, sent to by default so normally it's poor.

  • 80 But you can go into the configuration panel and you can change it.

  • Toe 80 80 years, 7564.

  • Whatever poor number it is that you want to use that your Web server has been configured to.

  • Then once you do that, what happens is the visitors don't see that port number.

  • They just go to that port by default.

  • So for you, then type in www dot fail normal dot com.

  • If I've set up my Web server to run off of poor 80 80 automatically no hyphen.

  • I p dot com Their D.

  • N s service will simply route people too poor 80 80 versus routing them to port 80.

  • And this is what's called a port 80 Redirect.

  • So basically all you're doing is you're redirecting around port 80.

  • So that's all A port 80 reader, right?

  • Is if your interest in learning more about it go to no hyphen.

  • I p dot com It is a great great service, a great tool special if you're going to be using Web servers from your home.

So question is, what is a port 80?


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