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  • I always have been in the place.

  • I've never seen anything quite like this way thought We're dealing with a truthful fellow who was helping my process.

  • Peter is talking to us from beyond the grave.

  • He knows there's something not right.

  • He doesn't know he's being poisoned.

  • Ben Field is in the process of becoming an Anglican vicar, believing that lovely and beautiful young man, he generally made me feel like I was something special.

  • You re trying to get my money.

  • He's found their weakness and he's pretty.

  • He's manipulative.

  • He's a psychopath.

  • There's obviously something appealing about Ben.

  • That's how he controls a minute.

  • People catching a killer.

  • A diary from the grave Monday nine on Channel four.

I always have been in the place.


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TRAILER|殺人犯を捕まえる。墓場からの日記|4つの動画で見る (TRAILER | Catching a Killer: A Diary from the Grave | Watch on All 4)

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