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  • course as we mentioned, Johnny Vegas is our barman for the night.

  • Johnnie.

  • How's business being in the past year behind the bar has been slow, but I've gathered together some friends on our money celebrities coming to bombard at one time I cz this time of the year.

  • Yeah, you got to pay off a pint on the flocking last year.

  • You did end up shirtless in the audience.

  • Can you guarantee that won't happen again?

  • I can't guarantee anything.

  • That's why I can't get insurance thieves on the telly.

  • I'm three months away from being 50 and I am not getting a free pen.

  • That's why I'm not watching us to channel No.

  • Tonight we thought about what your kids will do when you go, you find a good enough staff for comm.

  • Theo home is now behind the booth.

  • This is the place to be.

  • No, it's No, this is what's happening.

  • We're probably around the country.

  • Good one not being driven up by managers who don't really care way have got Johnny.

  • We have got a photo of you from 10 years ago.

  • Let's have a look.

  • See how much you've changed.

  • Well, what were you doing in that photo?

  • I was doing an advertisement on North Roland across the bonnet of a car, and I suddenly realized that I had a family to look after.

  • Your Children get older, you realize that they're going to find pictures like that online.

  • I retired from such advert.

  • Everything you say feels like it needs their phone number at the bottom of the screen by your side.

  • And I am a walking.

  • How line?

  • All right, let's talk sport now.

  • 2019 Soul England That my bet.

  • You just love ambitions.

  • Just picture you looking for Sorry.

  • What if what's been your highlight of the day?

  • It doesn't matter.

  • My eye's dead.

  • Well, I thought you could ask my highlight of the year.

  • Yes.

  • What's that was watching.

  • I'm really hungry.

  • Punch and Judy Man actually leave the tench.

  • Andi want person?

  • I screamin.

  • Anyway, a major is punching Judy.

  • Women hitting men was in demise.

  • Andi was younger.

  • Another guy had gone into a different business.

  • Selling joy rather than domestic vice really made me up.

  • You asked a lot of the family collectively gathering together and acknowledging we've done bad things like a family.

  • No, no not yet.

  • Gaze killed in in the twenties would boom.

  • But at least we all held hands together and said, We've done but things on at least three hours.

  • Five of us opposed Brexit you two that didn't agree.

  • Now dead in a Well, let's move on.

  • Because that's my middle name.

  • 2019.

  • So England win the rig away.

  • Yeah, well, I never got to play seven.

  • Rescue Monroe.

  • Martin, Let me jump because we couldn't afford it.

  • Certainly put me in the outfield and in the outfield.

  • I used to wonder often.

  • Just build a den When I watch cricket a moon Jae, Where's the cage?

  • Is building a dent.

  • You went to see Will Bailey win Paralympic gold in the table Tennis.

  • Our privilege.

  • Can you pay to see a guy when the medal and be one of the first people to be a guy coming up?

  • I'm just looking one.

  • Then you go fucking know you're offended.

  • You love Japan.

  • Japan's we're gonna wind up next year.

  • Yeah, excited to watch the game to see where you naughty boys turn up.

  • Are you coming with?

  • I just mean on the TV saying you're doing it.

  • I thought you were like Queen would Listen, You're like the sister.

  • Wouldn't you find You've got dubbed Stabs like it like a Reggie.

  • You were didn't educated and I didn't have a bit of education.

  • And, you know, I'm just not a strong Theo Horn section Can we have the song A long, long time ago I can still remember how the monkey used to make me smile He's now in hours Wait.

  • Yeah, it's already hard way gonna say it's judge on American Point started Wait in the booth.

  • 90 question counts only one.

  • Did you choose some?

  • The Joe, your name one, Did you?

course as we mentioned, Johnny Vegas is our barman for the night.


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