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  • I think it's a good idea to find a dog from a mom and a small dog.

  • Just so she's got that company at home.

  • It will just give her someone else in the house to talk to and chapter and someone's wake up to in the morning.

  • I'm in a general, Yeah, yeah, it's a minute.

  • Mom's got a shot.

  • I think it will just give it up that love.

  • I will feel happy cause I don't I don't live with my mom and I think I would.

  • I feel a lot happy.

  • No, My mom's got someone at home that's recently widowed, so I'm sorry.

  • Um, and I've been my 4 to 6 years, so goodness is a long time a lifetime.

  • So I thought it would be nice to have a dog so that I'm not coming home to an empty house.

  • We're all in.

  • Shock it up quite soon, didn't it?

  • Because it's only six weeks ago that I'm Janet lost Uncle Gilbert she's still grieving on.

  • I think it would be so easy just to stay at home on dhe.

  • Just sit and just just grieve.

  • When you've got a dog, you must feel more of a purpose that you can get done.

  • You can walk for miles, but you can clear your mind and you've got your little companion there.

  • We'll go away.

  • We'll have a good look through all the dogs we've got on site that are available for re homing.

  • And if we find any, we'll come back and we'll have a chat about their Thank you.

  • Thank you, Gil.

  • But it was a beautiful man because he was English on Burmese and he had the most beautiful black hair.

  • Great big brown highs, great big long eyelashes.

  • Absolutely beautiful, kind, caring, loving, not module combos.

  • The video boy something special.

  • Exactly.

  • Something special with a boy and his mom.

  • Yeah, way.

  • When we got married, we saved up and we bought a house.

  • The usual ordinary couple, that's all.

  • We were just ordinary.

  • But me loved each other very much.

  • Let's to go after really old back.

  • Only it's gonna be your dog, but you're gonna want to get all of them.

  • Perhaps we pay a price for everything, and there's even a price for love.

  • That's what I'm paying now.

  • And it's very difficult.

  • It's left a great big gaping hole in the lie, and I'd like a companion.

  • Okay?

  • Thing is Brace so usually really likes his toys.

  • But since he's been on site has just been more of a lapdog, so he probably is.

  • They go, It's going to be straight up in a low V.

  • This is for everything today.

  • Sit.

  • Good boy.

  • Good boy.

  • Thank you.

  • Gentleman taking the streets.

  • He does have a really nice Oh, yeah, that's what we were gonna say.

  • Likes me.

  • Oh, Bruce, you have sold yourself.

  • Oh, what a good soak You are beautiful ball.

  • This is the most excitement I've seen from Janet.

  • She looks cry.

  • Smithson, doesn't she?

  • There's someone to cuddle with is happy built to go for work its will you?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Within about 10 minutes of being on her own with Bruce walking round Auntie Janet smiling and laughing and he's pulling a pound.

  • A round of life has changed a lot.

  • Like mine.

  • Not nice, is it?

  • I'd look after you, darling.

  • That's near beginning for both.

I think it's a good idea to find a dog from a mom and a small dog.


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