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  • hunters.

  • Incredible speed and dexterity come from a lifetime of practice.

  • There's enough poison on the end of just one.

  • Darts to kill Me has even prepares to fire.

  • It's easy to see why the Matisse were once referred to as the Jack your People.

  • I've never seen a human look so animalistic, so predatory, so I'm guessing the poison is taking effect.

  • It's not completely paralyzed, but it sze incapacitated.

  • It's it's going to come up with something.

  • The whole mood has changed.

  • That was quite a bit of excitement in terms of getting the shot in.

  • Now it's just waiting.

  • As the Cayman resurfaces further deadly darts or fire.

  • Gotta, gotta, gotta gotta get it.

  • The more poison they can get into its bloodstream, the quicker it will succumb.

  • They don't want to lose this valuable meal.

  • Finally, the Cayman is brought aboard, where Van performs a brief blessing upon it.

  • Cayman is one of the more formidable predators that lives in the Amazon waters.

  • But even this was no match for the poison on the end of these doors.

  • Looking at this, I am reminded very vividly Off came in that I saw in the video clip that was considerably bigger than this, which grabbed hold of an electric eel and within a matter of moments was immobilized.

  • So the electric eel managed to do in a matter off seconds what it took these guys to do in over an hour.

  • Can the Matisse really handle these creatures without falling foul of their lethal shocks?

  • Hopefully, I'm one step closer to finding out on my return.

  • I learned from bushy, but I've been granted an audience with the village Shaymen, It said.

  • He wields mysterious powers, including the ability to protect the hunters from the eels.

  • Deadly shocks?

  • No.

  • Inside the malaka, a ceremony is underway.

  • Shame and asks me to explain what it is I hope to learn here.

  • If somebody from outside who's not Matty, somebody like me were to try this kind of fishing.

  • What might happen?

  • Look long at the time that was a surprisingly forceful replied she'd take it in.

  • I absolutely don't recommend you Try.

  • The shock is very strong.

  • That could burn your arm.

  • It could even give you a heart attack.

  • Clearly, they believe that the electric eel can kill and burn but the shame and insists that the Matisse can resist their deadly powers.

  • He then begins a strange ritual.

  • Could this be the secret of their immunity?

  • He burns to hardwood sticks in the fire, pressing the glowing embers into the hunter's arms on picking the blistered flesh away before rubbing a mysterious paste into the raw wounds supporting that comes from the skin of a certain frog.

  • On the body's reaction to any poison, the first reaction is to empty the stomach as the tribesmen vomit beside me.

  • The link between this ritual on the supposed ability of the Matisse to handle the eels is unclear to me.

  • But there has to be some good reason for undergoing what looks like a very unpleasant experience.

  • They do say that what makes a good hunter is an empty stomach made, maybe does some kind of link.

  • But as the hunters go to recover, one thing is for sure.

  • It appears that tomorrow I shall finally see with my own eyes whether this tribe can really handle the fish that's claimed burn human flesh.

  • Hunters rise Early on.

  • Dhe focused on their task.

  • Leave me struggling to keep up.

  • Overnight rain has turned dust into mud, and I worry whether the water has risen, making it impossible to find a Neil.

  • Let's alone catch one.

  • We're going to the other side of the river, not straight across.

  • Apparently, we're going a little way upstream.

  • What a little way is, I don't know exactly.

  • I suspect a little way could even be an hour.

  • Such concepts start toe lose meaning here way.

  • Make our way a little up river before starting our trek into the jungle.

  • I'm no stranger to dense tropical forest, but if van seems to slip through the undergrowth without effort heading off the path, we reach a pool where the hunters employ their first meal catching technique.

  • I think that it's, Ah, it's a wounded animal or something.

  • Apparently, this this flushing sound.

  • It's something that just gets their curiosity.

  • They begin to take up their positions when the water is just confined to small bubbles.

  • That's when they tend to just grab one with their hands.

  • The hunt moves into its next phase, a pregnant woman during the splashing in the water.

  • This is small, reliable in terms of calling the electric eels.

  • It seems improbable, but suddenly old hell breaks loose.

  • It's chaos As the hunters try to bring the fish into shallow water in water like struggle to get close, he'll rise to get free.

  • Finally pushy, the man who brought me here, I could use a trembling to say Drumlin holds a live electric eel in his bare hands.

  • Just holding up is holding it life seen what these fish capable off.

  • I'm not too comfortable being this close, he says.

  • It is shocking.

  • This is the fish that is responsible for killing people on, according to others, actually burning their skin.

  • But looking at bushy now, no sign of any burns.

  • He's bean holding this now for several minutes.



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ジェレミー・ウェイド、アマゾン川の死の背後にいる魚を発見|リバーモンスターズ (Jeremy Wade Finds The Fish Behind Amazon River Deaths | River Monsters)

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