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  • I've always imagined myself winning Mauritz that selfish take money.

  • Question flee.

  • You just want a 1,000,000.

  • What you gonna do with it?

  • Now?

  • What you gonna do now?

  • Right now, now or like, Yeah, when you get it.

  • Basically, What are you gonna do?

  • What you gonna do with it?

  • But I've always imagined myself winning more.

  • Is that so?

  • The first thing I would do is like pay off my student loans because I'm in such a debt from university.

  • Pay off my student loans.

  • Step one, pay off my student loans.

  • Pay all my debts.

  • Basically, presidents film is it's a £1,000,000 I for re invest, invest in some sort of property or land back home in Nigeria.

  • Is that where you're from by there you go there, like, every year, every year.

  • Yeah.

  • So that's why I'll buy a house up there.

  • So I least I have my own house, but my mom's my own house.

  • Peace.

  • Mom, I wouldn't move apartments.

  • I because I'm currently sharing a bedroom on I would get my Really?

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • We never talked about property.

  • Yep.

  • Move.

  • I'd buy a Carson for myself.

  • A car, a castle a cast our castle in the countryside in the middle of nowhere on Dhe.

  • Left there by myself and have two Jaguars back Jaguars.

  • Not the car's big car.

  • The big car to be real ones are real ones.

  • Real ones.

  • I love exotic animals.

  • And with diamond necklaces on them.

  • I want a farm.

  • I want a farm.

  • Yeah, I really wanna farm for property.

  • Invest in that crap farm.

  • Full fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • What would you do with 1,000,000 hands?

  • I think I'll come and work on your farm.

  • Would you Wouldn't pay you, though.

  • You have, like, a money hangover, wouldn't you?

  • Essentially, you would just You'd go on a rampage here.

  • Just like literally throwing money.

  • Anybody take my money?

I've always imagined myself winning Mauritz that selfish take money.


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イギリスのチャット - 100万ポンドで何をしますか? (British Chat - What would you do with a million pounds?)

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