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  • Whatever you do, don't pull that trigger.

  • I'm actually with Watch Mojo.

  • And these are the top 10 terrifyingly powerful animals.

  • Super weapons for this list will be looking at the giant creations that were built for one purpose to wipe out the whole of lives in a spectacular display of destruction.

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  • Number 10 Soul Acura Soul We will use salt in times of crisis.

  • You can always count on the Japanese military to bust out some kind of giant death ray to even the odds.

  • Students out to be especially true when you've got a crazy adolescent running around using his telekinesis to crush everything in his way in a series of violent temper done drums, huh?

  • Where's this light coming from?

  • While the satellite orbital laser doesn't exactly managed to exterminate Tetsuo as intended, it does succeed in blasting his right onto pieces only for him to then say control of it himself and show just how powerful it is.

  • Number nine, ladder of heaven blank bullets waken simply think of worse ways to squash a giant bug than using a giant rail gun.

  • The reaches all the way to the moon and back.

  • While the potential backlash for using this multitude of death steps is very riel, that didn't stop our lad.

  • Rintaro, taking full advantage of its went up against a massive regenerating guest, Rhea, which he proceeded to incinerate by using his own uranium arm as a projectile.

  • Sometimes you just gotta do away with the bug spray and get more creative Number eight lamb Pizza Castle in the sky.

  • Because even in Miyazaki's world, majestic castles that lick above the clouds still have their own in built weapon of mass destruction.

  • In order to get his hands on that sweet, ancient La puta technology, the insidious Colonel muscular was more than happy to rain down fire on all parties involved, including Cheetah as well as his own soldiers.

  • While in the movie, we don't get to see the full extent of this weapon that wants threatened and annihilated if bounce citizens in its heyday, it still makes quite the impact.

  • Damn it, Mark Camel number seven, a theory on fairy tail so special you don't create no to and where did you uncork a cure?

  • When a weapon is so powerful that it needs a Senate majority vote to fire, then you know it spells trouble.

  • That's a theory on four year, a giant satellite packed with an absurd amount of magical energy that's used for the absolute worst case scenarios in magic society.

  • And boy does it back.

  • A bunch cutting, you know, since the magic contained within the blast is so powerful, it'll level any towns even remotely close to its targets.

  • You can understand why the Magic Council was so reluctant to press the red button.

  • Number six Poor Man's Rose Hunter Hunter.

  • You always have an ace in the hole, especially when going up against a seemingly invincible Kym Era aunt with major issues.

  • Despite possessing some impressive Nen abilities of his own, Notaro is sadly brought to the brink, thanks to Merrill whims indestructible shell, at least until he reveals he's got one hell of a new clicking inside him, one that is triggered by his own death.

  • One stab to the heart later and ka boom, Adios, King of the Ends.

  • Even if you managed to survive the initial explosion.

  • Chances are you'll be killed by the mini nukes.

  • Deadly poison, no matter how powerful you are.

  • Number five Moby Dick Bongo.

  • Stray Dogs.

  • Honestly, what else would you expect from a group as wealthy and self righteous as the guild?

  • Despite their absurd wealth, Francis and his merry band of literary inspired killers Choice of home base isn't some lavish hotel mansion or elitist underground bunker.

  • It's a giant flying whale fully upgraded into a mechanical death machine to help save their purposes.

  • And trust us.

  • You do not want to be in the immediate vicinity when this thing comes crashing down from the sky.

  • Face first number four Flare code.

  • Diaz, please wait for me.

  • Princess, you feel I'll offend you.

  • I swear on this is why you don't put teenage gills with unhealthy obsessions in charge of creating nuclear weapons.

  • Then again of the brains behind the field limit.

  • Very effective implosion.

  • Armaments was none other than Nina Einstein.

  • So we really should have seen this coming.

  • Fueled by despair over Princess you, FEMA's death It wasn't long until the heartbroken genious attached here handiwork to the entirety of Brittany in forces thing as expected.

  • One of these puppies eventually ended up going off, costing tens of millions of lives in the process.

  • Great job, Nina.

  • Number three Genesis Mobile suit, Gundam Seed makes you wonder why you even need super weapons in a time period where everyone and then neighbor as mobile suits parading around the cosmos, ready to sucker punch each other.

  • Of course, with the war between the naturals and the coordinators further intensifying, Zeph decided to try and turn the tide of battle in their favour with the introduction of a space cannon that can unleash a laser blast capable of wiping out half the population of the planet on impact.

  • It's pretty much a scaled A vision of bending ends with a magnifying glass.

  • Number two busted machine three gun buster Let this sink in.

  • In order to stop an army of space monsters from tearing up the planets, it falls to a couple of young pilots to fly them meccas into the heart of humanity's ultimate trump card and reactivate it.

  • Thank you to you in a trump card that essentially compresses Jupiter into a supermassive black hole bomb that can wipe out the intergalactic scorch for them.

  • instantly, and that's an insane scale.

  • While it does end up causing Noriko and Kazemi to be stranded for 12,000 years, they're black.

  • Hole Bomb still manages to do its job and damn well at that.

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  • Number one grips Laser Mobile suit Zeta Gundam.

  • You can always leave it to the bad guys in the Gundam.

  • Siri's to up the ante with a doomsday machine In regards to the Titans, some madman among their ranks apparently took a look at the shell of an empty space colony and thoughts.

  • Why don't we turn it into a giant laser?

  • Gannon on They did.

  • I did it.

  • Unlike the experimental Colony Laser used in the original series, this one has unlimited ammunition, making it the death star of the gun than this.

  • What is this thing?

  • Awful feeling.

  • Do you agree with our pigs?

Whatever you do, don't pull that trigger.


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