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  • look, as Britain woke up to the results of the general election, Amy said, I love this one of our lovely.

  • Is it okay?

  • Are you okay?

  • Are people okay?

  • Are we okay?

  • I'm just checking.

  • Everyone's okay.

  • If you don't know and clear.

  • I mean, how did you know?

  • The Conservative Party won the general election last night?

  • The biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher.

  • Labor had their worst results since 1935.

  • The Lib Dems lost their leader, Jo Swinson on the Scottish National Party.

  • Did so well there now painting their faces blue and white and baring their arses to anyone south of the border.

  • Ah, uh, leads thoughts now, haven't I?

  • I'm not gonna, like, go on about how I voted for what I will sigh.

  • Yeah, is I am used to this feeling The last time I remember being happy after election result, I still had a knock your 33 10.

  • I was kind of expecting it, but I was an expert.

  • I kind of thought I've always thought it's Tory Majority Tory, Tory, Tory, Tory.

  • And then the last week, I thought I think it's gonna be a hung parliament because my social media was just Larson.

  • Bloody hell.

  • Everyone's going for labor.

  • Turns out little mix on the bellwether.

  • I thought they just to be clear.

  • I am following little mix on instant.

  • You know, I get I get that.

  • I think that kind of been a lot of talk about what the result might bay.

  • And, you know, people.

  • You know, there was talk that perhaps, you know, the stories.

  • We're going to get a majority.

  • I don't think anyone expected them to get such a huge majority.

  • I mean, that exit poll was so shocking.

  • Prince Andrew, stop sweating again.

  • Wait.

  • Because a mandatory zone unexpected gonna be hunting may say, um, you got Look at the positives looking the positives.

  • I watched.

  • I watched all the channels I was watching on Baby Swan.

  • If I could say the main positive, when did Hugh Edwards get so fucking hot?

  • Absolutely beautiful.

  • These beautiful cut his hair.

  • Oh, is it would be wrong to take a picture of Hugh Edwards into the barber in the style of you know, I think it's better than whoever you are in a moment, Theo, where there's a will go right for the Tories now their message.

  • One of the things that were from them, Their message was clear.

  • They had three wood catchphrases get Brexit Done Coalition of Chaos, Desert and delay.

  • All of that stuff was simple, and it cut through the weeping Waas.

  • Today there was some later impedes that were kind of criticizing the Tories for having simple messages.

  • Well, it's not their fault.

  • They had simple messages.

  • That's the point you're supposed to.

  • You can't just get all those sneaky Tory's with their clear message is coming through.

  • I think the old order great photographs, slogans kind of you don't ask questions so that they said, Get breaks it done And nobody really asked how.

  • It's the same with McDonald's when they say I'm loving it, You don't really ask why Theo Labor next election just undercut them.

  • Let's go for two words.

  • Labor.

  • Fuck off.

  • I mean, here's the thing.

  • Can anyone really remember the labor slogan that they ran with?

  • It was for the many, not the few, but apart from that, it was for the many.

  • Not the few will re negotiate Brexit, but we'll let you make the final decision.

  • And if you get this message call me back because I'm out of credit.

  • Eso les Look, let's move on A lot of a lot of Northern traditional voters labor towns in particular, ended up voting.

  • Conservative on day called that the Tories turning the red wall Blue.

  • Yeah, sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones and kind of watch because the whole bunch of white walkers came out.

  • John Snow didn't know what to make of it.

  • Yeah, it's a weird thinks like I like I've been following election in this country since I was 1997.

  • Really, your thoughts of than like that area of the North voting Tory.

  • That's basically when I was a kid, that was the equivalent of Scotland going to plant come Marie like it's unbelievable kind of difference in culture, and it's just shows that taken, they took such field, which is Tony Blair's constituency.

  • Yeah, he had a 20,000 majority on their constituencies where, like they they never bean Torrey.

  • Yeah, and it's not, you know, you've got people who is like grand parents voted.

  • Their parents have voted labour, and they've probably previously voted Labour on.

  • I think that the thing was it was kind of everyone think it was mainly kind of luck about Brexit.

  • Yeah, and I think that even in those places that people would just prepared just to do anything for Brexit or to put it into perspective, I mean, when it came down to love, there was even one thing that meatloaf wouldn't do.

  • There's I'm not saying is we're because I think there is an element that we're in a mid London, maybe a media bubble, and I realized that when someone said the Tories to take the North and my first thought was is linked to the O.

look, as Britain woke up to the results of the general election, Amy said, I love this one of our lovely.


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