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  • Welcome to the two of you.

  • I'm gonna go straight in with the big questions.

  • Ashley, what do you think's gonna happen in the next four weeks?

  • Oh, I mean, I think the only way that everyone's gonna be happy is if nobody's happy.

  • Then every will be happy because no one is happy, because that's fair.

  • Yeah, s.

  • So I think there's a high likelihood that nobody's gonna be happy, and so every will be fine.

  • No one's left out.

  • Yes, or no one's left out was the worst thing that can happen is when someone else is having a good time and you're not.

  • So I really feel like there's gonna be a real plus for humanity forever.

  • Just mean really measuring.

  • Or like, that's how it should be.

  • Really?

  • Well, listen, this, uh, the government was malfunctioning.

  • They didn't have a majority, so we technically didn't have a working government, so we absolutely had to have an election.

  • But this is very much the colonoscopy of election way.

  • No, it's not gonna be any fun.

  • I go.

  • Here's a question, because, I mean, no one really knows what to call this election.

  • I noticed something uses a calling it the new users users.

  • I've been watching the news called a news in Australia you're watching.

  • The news is it is the storm's east waiting to see what your future job is gonna be.

  • Oh, it's been called the Brexit election, and that is not excite anyone.

  • So I think our poll for tonight is what should we call it?

  • Let's come up with a better name for it.

  • Is anyone got any suggestions?

  • I'm sticking with colonoscopy, but camera election thing is that this is a camera up the heinous of Britain, with all of us just looking at shit.

  • Thanks for the election shot.

  • Before Christmas, I was thinking Eton mess, Mrs Good people like clever but not funny.

  • Jeremy Corbyn is so toxic to some that a former Labour minister goes as far as promoting Boris Johnson is the only potentially acceptable pain.

  • Yeah, some senior Labor figures this week said they won't be supporting Jeremy Corbyn of the election and even told people to vote Tory.

  • Now a lot of people are claiming this is just part of an anti Corbyn conspiracy.

  • But if Josh and Alex in an interview in which they called me a prick and then said You should What?

  • Mock the week you'd pay attention.

  • I didn't listen to Steve, right?

  • I said Wine.

  • Karen Graham Norton.

  • Also I'd never, ever call you of prick in interview.

  • Yeah, I mean, all right.

  • On the yard.

  • What's happened in the toilet rolls, even written on the sole of your shoe.

  • Like Andy from Toy Story.

  • You could do that while he's got a good feeling there's new drugs, right?

  • You know, having a foot 200 episodes in Why I'm laughing.

  • I genuinely don't know who to vote for this election.

  • I'm genuinely struggling, especially out of the two main parties.

  • Do I vote for the party accused of anti Semitism or the party accused of neglecting vulnerable people?

  • I'm kind of looking into Israel selection boxes, at least shit option.

  • At the moment, I kind of feel like I'm in a restaurant and a weight has come up and gone right.

  • Do you want this steak that's been dropped on the floor or the chicken that the chef sneezed on going out?

  • And I one of the grains like thing that I find difficult to take is when people go I can't vote for Labour because of concerns I have about racism.

  • So I'm going to vote for Boris Johnson.

  • My stepmother is a bit mean, so I think I'm gonna live with Darth Vader.

  • Yeah, the whole thing does feel a bit like a divorced couple.

  • Even your mind going on saying vote for Boris?

  • I got such a bitchy thing to do.

  • You know what we were like?

  • Well, we're breaking up, but everything's about the kids, and we're not gonna let it get nasty.

  • And it's all gonna be fine.

  • And then, like, five months days like you tell your father that I was having sex with the neighbor last night.

  • The noise?

  • You tell him that when he picks you up from the crash way, Alex, you looked like you were gonna say something.

Welcome to the two of you.


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