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  • Hello, subscribers.

  • Really good news.

  • Least for me.

  • Maybe for you.

  • If you enjoy my videos, YouTube has monetized me again.

  • I sent in a little thingamajig.

  • I told him that I wasn't taking anything from anybody else.

  • Two days later, here I am again.

  • Holy moly.

  • What a relief.

  • I can get back to doing what I'm doing, but I'm in a new space.

  • Why am I on the new space?

  • Because so many of you wrote such beautiful things.

  • You you gave me a feeling that I have an audience and a group of fans and followers and kind of comrades in away looking at this old stuff and maybe looking at me as the old guy, the old guy in the old stuff.

  • In any case, it really touched me.

  • Not Onley, although certainly the people who gave me money on PayPal and on patri on man.

  • Fantastic.

  • It just like, whoa, a relief.

  • But, you know, I'm I'm able to go forward whether or not I have approval.

  • I just want to say that I first want to say I don't like complaining.

  • I'm not a complainer, and I don't certainly want to do this to complain.

  • So when I did that last video, I thought, Oh, man, you telling how bad should happen to you?

  • That's terrible.

  • People aren't going to appreciate it, and everybody's got their own problems.

  • And then I get these 15,000 views and I don't know how many likes.

  • Don't think, Wow, that's kind.

  • That's that's giving just like these financial contributions to PayPal and Patriot.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • I just wanted to say when I made my first documentary film, King Murray, which I made a video about.

  • It goes to the Festival Theater in New York, 57th Street.

  • I'm a young guy.

  • This is a big deal.

  • It gets a big review in The New York Times and in The Wall Street Journal, and the only people who came with my family, my friends on filmmakers who were interested in watching this new style.

  • And then I took it to the Khan Film Festival, and it got a full house at the conference table one day and nobody came the next day.

  • So any independent filmmaker, maybe any artist has to face the fact that you're going to get people going it, you're gonna get people not caring, and you're going to get people who are touched by what you've done in this case.

  • I ran into a problem and I told you, and the result was overwhelming for me.

  • So I'm back in the saddle again.

  • I'm going to be cutting new clips and maybe putting myself up, saying a few more things that people have asked me to talk about, which I would enjoy.

  • But my crisis is over.

  • I hope you're having good days and that if you have a crisis, it gets over as quickly as minded.

  • Thank you very much.

  • All of you.

  • Bye bye.

Hello, subscribers.


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今日はYouTubeについて、私は良い一日を過ごしました。 (Today I Had A Good Day Regarding YouTube)

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