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  • day two and crap.

  • I'll start with some.

  • Come to the unit.

  • Is, um when I came in, Keep going.

  • Okay.

  • All right.

  • So you can pop in quite a while.

  • That's American entrance.

  • Oh!

  • Oh!

  • Seats go forward, Atal.

  • Joe, I've barely got any leg room in here whatsoever.

  • Okay?

  • Aska gives us a few filled two and 1/2 hour taste of life in a classless society.

  • I was feeling nervous, but also this tiny handful we chew under to the district of Nova Huta Stalin showcase suburb of socialist realism on one of only two preplanned pinko neighborhoods in the world.

  • This year actually is the seventh anniversary of this is I can't really hear back a huge amount of fractal it once a day to celebrate They renovated some roads that celebrated my take.

  • Intended to be a worker's paradise.

  • No, The hooter is centered on the steelworks from which it takes its name.

  • This is the main engine factory you could hire out for weddings.

  • After 20 scarcely suspended men's, we arrived at the Avenue of Roses.

  • From now on, we comrades very strict serious thing is the most representative part for the marches Propaganda speeches.

  • Yes.

  • It's no place for, like, eroticism.

  • Exactly.

  • Casing about bagging the days we used to have the highest statue of Lenin.

  • Skinny guy in reality.

  • But you're on this study.

  • Six buck something in his eyes.

  • Only things under here.

  • Yeah, well, but anyway, as you can see, we get rid of him.

  • So essentially will come to look at something that is no longer here.

  • Exactly.

  • I think we're gonna jump in.

  • Okay, Back, back in the car.

  • That could be that show's tagline.

  • It's not that bad as our remaining audience begs to differ.

  • Way Buckle up.

  • That's amore.

  • Hashtag ribbons.

  • Just having the fighters.

  • Let me take Bush while I like to know before Coleman, Is this going with Joe?

  • We're in a tin box.

  • Thank you.

  • That was close.

  • It's fine.

  • This is very durable fiberglass.

  • It's very flexible.

  • That's what you want.

  • Closer than ever, we reach our final stop on actual apartment full of Soviet cheers.

  • There is a country coz because gonna be a bit of a brainwashing process going on.

  • So alcohol helps of it.

  • We won't You love on it.

  • Content.

  • Break, please.

  • We simply can't wait to what the 1951 propaganda classic destination Nova Huta.

  • And what's more, we don't have to have massive hands.

  • This glass looks time, Wayne, that you can't quite intothe.

  • Now I'm retiring, and now we're going to spend my days just drinking this in back of watching Eastern Bloc officials a lot clapping in your head 10 minutes of my life.

  • Please have pity for the people watching.

  • It's over.

  • Finished finished, though, is it?

  • It's really good.

  • I convince you signed the papers and your boobs Was hell life behind you.

  • I absolutely can't bear the bourgeoisie.

  • Yeah.

  • How is that any way?

  • Sorry, Strong.

  • We are struggling to form sentences.

day two and crap.


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