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  • HONEST VOICE Universal Pictures proudly presents the film

    HONEST VOICE ユニバーサル・ピクチャーズが自信を持って贈る映画

  • you realized had absolutely no dialogue whatsoever - only after you bought your ticket.


  • HONEST VOICE (CONT'D) Les Miserabablebles

    正直な声 (CONT'D) Les Miserabablebles

  • HONEST VOICE (CONT'D) Told in award-winning songs of beauty andexuberance.

    HONEST VOICE (CONT'D) 数々の賞を受賞した美と躍動感のある歌で語られています。

  • Except those sung by Russell Crowe.


  • RUSSELL CROWE Unless you learned the meaning of the law.

    ラッセル・クロウ 法律の意味を学ばない限り

  • I have made a false report. We may have met.


  • HONEST VOICE Characters often singing about things that could be very easily done by just talking normally--

    HONEST VOICE 普通に話していれば簡単にできることを歌っていることが多いキャラクターたち--。

  • HELENA BONHAM CARTER Go and draw some water from the well.

    ヘレナ・ボンハム・カーター 行って井戸から水を汲んできてください。

  • EPONINE Hey there monsieur, what's new with you?

    エポニーヌ やあ ムッシュー 何かあったのか?

  • AMANDA SEYFRIED Are you alright? Why did you go away?

    アマンダ・セイフライド 大丈夫?どうしてどこかに行ってしまったの?

  • HONEST VOICE Seriously they sing everything, so to hit that point even harder we thought we'd sing the rest of the trailer.

    HONEST VOICE 真面目な話、彼らは何でも歌いますから、その点をさらに厳しく叩くために、予告編の残りの部分を歌おうと思ったんです。

  • SINGING VOICE Meet the spirit of human redemption: Jean Valjean. A paroled thief now on the run under

    SINGING VOICE 人間の贖罪の精神に出会う。ジャン・バルジャン仮釈放された泥棒が、今は逃亡中。

  • an assumed identity... for reasons never made clear in the entire movie.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Who must face off against Inspector Javert...


  • An officer with such terrible priorities, he'll put the entire city of Paris on lock


  • down to a stop a man who already served his time.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Follow along in their epic game of cat and mouse - that spans 20 years

    歌声 (CONT'D) 20年にわたる猫とネズミの壮大なゲームで一緒についてきてください。

  • Which is almost as long as the movie feels.


  • Meet Fantine... a random factory worker who brings an incriminating letter to work for no reason... and is fired--


  • Sinking into desperation so deep - she becomes most pathetic woman in France


  • in just two verses of song!


  • Watch her with no hair, watch her with no teeth - yet she becomes the most desirable prostitute in town


  • which she'll blame on Hugh Jackman. Even though he had nothing to do with it.


  • It's Anne Hathaway like you've never seen her...


  • (Spoken) Literally, she drops dead after only like twenty minutes of screen time.

    (口語) 文字通り、彼女は20分ほどのスクリーンタイムの後に死んでしまう。

  • Leaving Valjean to now care for Cosette, her precocious child who is scared of the dark--


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) But totally cool letting some stranger drag her around the city.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Now, at the dawn of revolution...


  • One young man, will give up everything for a woman he's met through a fence.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Prompting a heart-breaking romance we know nothing about

    SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) 私たちが何も知らない心に響くロマンスを促す

  • because the entire subplot is glossed over...


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) To make room for countless scenes of Borat!

    歌声 (CONT'D) 数え切れないほどの「ボラット」のシーンのために!

  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Not since "The Dark Knight Rises" has a movie been so manipulative with its use of time jumps.

    歌声 (SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) 「ダークナイト ライジング」以来、これほどタイムジャンプを駆使した映画はありませんでした。

  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) And not since Chicago, has a movie tried so hard to convince you that movie musicals are a good idea.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Featuring award-winning songs, but they all sound the same,

    SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) 受賞曲をフィーチャーしていますが、どれも同じように聞こえます。

  • so without the track listing you won't be able to tell one song from another.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) Experience over 2 1/2 hours of CGI Crane Shots

    歌声(CONT D) 2時間半以上のCGIクレーンショットを体験

  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) and extreme close-ups.


  • SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) And the death of Russell Crowe's acting ability.

    SINGING VOICE (CONT'D) そして、ラッセル・クロウの演技力の死。

  • HONEST VOICE Starring...

    正直な声 主演は...

  • HUGH JACKMAN I have a very annoying vibrato.

    HUGH JACKMAN 私は非常に迷惑なビブラートを持っています。

  • ANNE HATHAWAY I really, really, really wanted to win an Oscar!

    ANNE HATHAWAY 本当に、本当に、本当に、オスカーを獲りたかったんだ!」と。

  • RUSSELL CROWE I should have never agreed to sing an entire movie!

    ラッセル・クロウ 映画の一部始終を歌わなければよかった!

  • SACHA BARON COHEN They really should have shown less of me and more of Eponine!

    SACHA BARON COHEN 彼らは本当に私を少なくして エポニーヌを多く見せるべきだった!

  • HELENA BONHAM CARTER Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

    HELENA BONHAM CARTER Beetlejuice!ビートルジュース!ビートルジュース!

  • SINGING VOICE If your girlfriend doesn't appreciate you after sitting through this movie... Then you

    歌声 この映画を見て 恋人に評価されなかったら...その時は

  • should really rethink your relationship.


  • HONEST VOICE Les Miserables.

    誠実な声の声 レ・ミゼラブル

HONEST VOICE Universal Pictures proudly presents the film

HONEST VOICE ユニバーサル・ピクチャーズが自信を持って贈る映画


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