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  • Ah, sort of blizzard of disillusion.

  • You know, just event after event.

  • Ah, to think that the Tonkin Gulf resolution had only two senators voting against it in the summer of 1965 and yet subsequent about that event shows it was, uh, up, up.

  • You know, it was a manufactured occasion.

  • It was just a And yet, you know, a, uh how many senators?

  • 98 senators voted for it.

  • And some good men, not just reflexive anti communist cold warriors.

  • I think that shows you know how badly people could be gold.

  • They didn't realize that the government would systematically deceive and twist, misinform and questions reached reached an art under Kissinger and Nixon.

  • And with Agnew, it became not just that, but actually bullying the press, trying to attack the press.

  • And the next administration is a counter attack on the press.

  • Ah, which, of course, just steel.

  • The resolve off of depressed to tell more.

  • Nixon was hated.

  • Bye bye.

  • People in the in the media and he hated them.

  • And it was, ah, really sinister relationship with Johnson.

  • At least I think, uh, the vestigial liberalism of reporters and editors kept them with one hand behind their back.

  • But with with Nixon, it was just open season.

  • Um, and I think it's for better and worse.

  • The better is clear.

  • The worse is of course, uh, just the way in which the press can undermine ah president's authority because you say the president undermined it.

  • Well, President can give them hostage hostages to fortune sometimes.

  • But I feel that what President Carter, he was really just Yes, there a lot of lot of foul ups there, but that just that press atmosphere was so unrelentingly negative.

  • And, uh, it almost made him seem an illegitimate claimant to the White House.

  • And and, uh, and as we look back with by the comparison of the Reagan years wth e mult affair is scandals and and and absurdity of the Reagan years in Carter, there wasn't so much there that was so terrible.

  • But the quest, the press went at it with a vengeance.

  • So I think we have this permanently subversive force.

  • We have to recognize its potentially subversive the press, which has a great habit of just taking even a small story.

  • A Hamilton Jordan.

  • A name We don't even know who the hell was he?

  • But, I mean, how they would come back to that off Bert Lance, You know, I mean, they just worry it, worry it and worry it.

  • Uh, and ah, and ah, and also the press.

  • I mean, something been going on there to, um the, uh, status of reporters and journalists improved and their sense of their own importance improved.

  • And their senses of people of being the fourth Estate really quite grew and and in some in some institutions, I think it became a kind of vanity.

  • You know, a vanity of press power.

  • We're the ones who determine whether you're gonna be a president or not.

  • Ah, and you see this enacted now in these ridiculous television shows with a journalist shouted each other, you know, give out that they're over to dictators if there stretching their ignorance to meet the limits of the show.

  • I mean, that's just that's just press arrogance.

Ah, sort of blizzard of disillusion.


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マスコミはジミー・カーターを攻撃した ドナルド・トランプのようなもの (The Press Attacked Jimmy Carter Something Like Donald Trump)

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