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  • you know, I put out this call.

  • I said, Look, make me a video to help me I didn't know that anyone would send one in, but Ray Rohan did, and this is it, and I thank rape from what he did.

  • I hope you enjoy hearing Ray's story about Ray on about how he feels about my channel.

  • This video's for the filmmaker David Hoffman, who put out a request on his YouTube channel for his subscribers to talk a little bit about what inspires them as a filmmaker or even entertains them as a view.

  • Or so before I talk a little bit about you and want to give a brief introduction about myself as a filmmaker, I began filmmaking back in the year 2000.

  • This was a couple of years after the movie Scream came out so me and my friends were operating short horror films, and at the time I was also a fan of Matt TV, Tom Green and Jackass.

  • So we're also doing these street gags and street sons, and one time I ended up splitting my hand open, jumping off this balcony.

  • It's on YouTube tow watch, but I grew out of that phase began taking classes in high school and went on to college and got a certificate in digital video and ever since have been creating since the year 2000.

  • I first heard of David Hop in when I saw his documentary in 2011 on YouTube.

  • It was about a house fire that occurred at his house, and he had lost tons of his films and belongings.

  • He was a collector of things, and in watching his documentary, I was inspired in many different ways.

  • He kept saying this statement, You gotta make something good out of something bad And as a creator, I think that's inspiring, because when you're going through a tough time or there's a bad situation going on, that quote always kind of has stuck with me since watching his documentary.

  • You got to make something good out of it, something that's a bad situation.

  • You gotta make the best of it.

  • Another quote from his documentary, he said, Somebody has to tell the story, and it's in my brain and I don't say it.

  • It doesn't get recorded, and I think that rings true.

  • For many filmmakers, there's a lot of creative things that filmmakers are YouTubers want to say.

  • You always got these creative thoughts in your head, and if you don't get them out, nobody will know that story that you want to tell or what's going on in your mind.

  • So I connected with that connected with the documentary.

  • In many ways, it was very interesting seeing somebody go through that struggle of their house, burning down, losing many of the things that created, you know, collected these records.

  • And he said he would play music throughout the process of creating his films, and I connected with that because music is a big part of, um, creating for me.

  • I'm always listening to music and they're not records, but they are maybe a spot by playlist or music on you, too, or something.

  • But it definitely helps and, um, the creative aspect of filmmaking.

  • So what keeps me coming back to David?

  • Hoffman's channel is catching up on all of his old work, since I've just discovered him back in 2011.

  • He has such a library or catalog work on.

  • It's interesting to look back at what he's created and even motivates me as a creator to constantly keep creating.

  • And maybe one day I can look back at what I've created and inspire others as well.

  • So, you know, I'm not really comfortable talking about myself.

  • That's not because I don't have an ego.

  • I do.

  • But it's because mostly I don't find myself all that interesting.

  • I'm glad if you do, but for May I find you more interesting than me.

  • I love the comments.

  • I love what Ray did.

  • I love videos where people say what they think, how they feel, what they experience.

  • If this little clip from Ray gives you any desire to do either a video about David Hoffman, how you feel or a video about you or something you've done or something you'd like to do or something you didn't do?

  • Please give it a try and thank you, Ray, and thank you subscribers and thank you.

  • Youtube.

  • And thank you mostly for this beautiful day for the fact that I feel good inside for the fact that I am honored to talk with you all and to hear from you really appreciate it.

you know, I put out this call.


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