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  • Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

  • So it's been a while since we took a look back at a wonder of the ancient GP world.

  • I'm talking pre d x 11 cards.

  • This HD 47 70 here was the 1st 14 enemy to graphics card on one of the first to make use of G d.

  • D.

  • R.

  • Five memory.

  • They launched in 2009 for about £85 or $109 on Because we've never tested one, I just wanted to see how it ran a few games.

  • This is a $7 graphics card versus seven games.

  • The reason I use dollars in the title was simply because it sounded better than calling it a £6 graphics card versus seven games that then being a clue as to how much I paid for these old 512 megabyte components.

  • So much like when I get behind the wheel when GT A, this card will flatten everything in its path and by everything I mean games that came out any time before 2005.

  • The original far cry is a prime example off a florist experience.

  • You've probably noticed I'm rocking the old school resolution of 12.

  • 80 by 1024 in keeping with the time period that this got released.

  • Moreover, any attempt to switch to a modern aspect ratio just caused me huge amounts of grief.

  • CS go at this old school 43 or is it 54?

  • Aspect ratio also performed very well with over 100 f p s m s, I afterburner F.

  • P s counter is also missing because of internal disagreements, internal disagreements that took place within my PC case.

  • The most important thing to note, though, is that this card will run at 100% usage.

  • Almost all of the time on dhe make a fair amount of noise while doing so.

  • The legendary call of duty black ops also ran nicely with the normal settings.

  • You may be waiting a while to play online these days, but it's still just as much fun to jump into a box match and see what sort of score you can get against a nearly hopeless II.

  • Even I can reach the top of the leaderboard hair.

  • Seriously.

  • For me, this was call of duty at its best as well as modern warfare and modern warfare, too.

  • Of course, GT four is also worth mentioning.

  • But, oh my goodness, is it a mess?

  • Medium high, low?

  • It doesn't really matter.

  • The frame rate was completely unpredictable, but to be fair, it wasn't a total disaster, and 30 FBS was maintained.

  • Most of the time we even hit 60 on occasion.

  • Going near the water seemed to be rather detrimental.

  • I have re downloaded Tomb Raider as well because it was free on steam not too long ago, and I think it still holds up.

  • I've played through this one a couple of times, and it's a great game that you can certainly lose a few hours to.

  • It's also very smooth on the 47 70 year, and we hit just about 60 F.

  • P s on average, I think 59.9 was the official average, but we'll keep that one just between us.

  • I recently got into the Witcher games as well.

  • The first one's in the Siri's.

  • That is on well, the witches to won't run very well.

  • The original was handled by the 47 70 just fine and will exceed 60 F.

  • P.

  • S at this resolution with high preset anti releasing was turned off for the sake of avoiding the smell off burning plastic.

  • Unfortunately, the witch or three, which is also one of my favorites, won't run on this GPU.

  • So finally, it's Sky Room.

  • This is the legendary addition, the old version, not the new one.

  • The new one won't run because I'm pretty certain it's the X 11 only, but the old version will do just fine.

  • And this is certainly still worth getting.

  • If you have a weaker PC or you just want to make use of some of those older and awesome mods out there, Lower settings will mean closer to 60 f.

  • P s.

  • But I couldn't resist seeing what the card would make of the high preset, though Auntie A leasing was off again for any of you wondering how this card performed well, there we have it.

  • If you enjoy this video only real.

  • Icon it down.

Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.


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