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  • What's the most important thing you've ever lost My teeth.

  • A lot of American girl doll accessories that I got for Christmas, and then I lost my stuffed animal blankie.

  • But I found it at a bird I lost at my grandma's house, a key chain that is supposed to make bad dreams go away.

  • One of my family members probably earrings.

  • I lost a lot of those, I think my necklace from my Grandma Sentimental bracelet, my music folder, with all of the songs that I'm working on it the moment the ladybug earrings and my grandfather bought me before he passed away.

  • A necklace that my dad brought back for me from Australia.

  • My grandmother's charm bracelet, my keys, my camera, my wallet, my keys.

  • A credit card.

  • My first work laptop, my first favorite stuffed animal from when I was a kid.

  • I left my purse on the subway money.

  • Probably my relationship with my father, car keys, my wallet, family pictures.

  • I lost my mom.

  • Even though she's still here.

  • She's actually serving a prison sentence in Ocala, Florida So in a way, I did looser, but I didn't lose her.

  • I left my car keys in an uber once.

  • My mom definitely my grandma.

  • I'm definitely still searching from my early teenage diaries of anybody's Seen a diary from 1996 with the property of Samantha Barry on it.

  • That'd be Apple my hat, Tom.

  • One airing from a pair that a dear friend gave me my phone.

  • Uh, Tiffany necklace from the love of my life.

  • The necklace.

  • Not My grandmother gave me a piece of jewelry from my parents, my wedding band ones.

  • My body's bored.

  • A bracelet that my mother gave me a beautiful sweater that I bought in Europe 15 years ago.

  • My phone.

  • A necklace that was given to me by my aunt before she passed away.

  • My passport, my purse, a scarf that I lost.

  • It was incredibly cold.

  • It was dearly missed.

  • My brother, I got a ring when I was 16 That was my mom's, and I took it off when I went to play the piano on.

  • That was the last time I saw it.

  • I assumed I lost in the piano.

  • My grandmother, my childhood home, my engagement ring, my glasses, a gold necklace that I bought in Turkey, a gold earring, the bracelet that my eldest sister gave me for being in her wedding.

  • A diamond tennis bracelet, my mother's diamond ring.

  • That would be my state.

  • I d.

  • Probably a datebook that had all the people I met in all the addresses when I was traveling through Europe, a pair of my grandmother's earrings that I lost when our house was burglarized.

  • My wedding ring, the heart pendant that my father gave me.

  • My wallet, my mother's ring, my wallet, an antique bracelet that I truly loved.

  • Ah, house key, my phone.

  • My high school ring was stolen.

  • It was very precious to me.

What's the most important thing you've ever lost My teeth.


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