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  • I kind of feel like Karen.

  • Hold my meetings.

  • I'm gonna be with Beyonce till 12.

  • When I think of blazers, I think of discomfort.

  • World domination comes to mind when I think please, that lady's doing business.

  • How were speculative, boss?

  • Babe, I think of church.

  • When I think of lasers, I am pro Blazer all the way.

  • Honey, I think I do own one.

  • I think it's in the back of my closet somewhere, which I have not seen since probably 2009.

  • I've never worn a blazer I've always tried them on and they were so poorly fitted, so I just gave up.

  • I don't wear a lot of blazers, but I own a lot of lasers.

  • It's one of those things that I see it like that So cool.

  • Cool girls wear blazers and then it's I can definitely I prefer form fitting lasers.

  • I think a laser looks good on me when it's like form fitting, but I prefer them on other people when they're like Lucy Goosey.

  • I don't like lasers because I feel like it gives me a box shape.

  • I kind of love rectangular.

  • When a blazer looks bad, it just can overwhelm me a little bit.

  • I just sort of become all blazer.

  • Usually, if one looks amazing closed than when it's open, it's all big and baggy and boxy.

  • And then, if one looks amazing, open it looks like it's way too small on you when you close it.

  • This one I can actually button, which I'm sure when a lady doesn't fit on me, it doesn't come over the boobs.

  • The boobs are big concern, almost as if I'm a superwoman.

  • I'm about to burst out of the blazer.

  • I tend to do the whole stretch, and I'm trying just because I am petite.

  • Plus, I don't have as wide a breath of shoulder as some other women do.

  • So I usually get this effect where Bunches of the shoulder and I get this kind of like hunched look nine times out of 10 when I find a blazer that's in my size, which can be a 3 to 4 exits, usually long, so I have to end up cuffing them.

  • I always have like a sleeve issues.

  • Usually if something fits me and like a medium, I would have to go to a large just for the arm length.

  • I have to buy a size that's too big and in my shoulders and my arms and breast.

  • I'm not as large.

  • It's like in my hip area.

  • I prefer a blazer that has nice, breathable material.

  • You can definitely sweat a lot in these.

  • You put me in a wool blazer.

  • I will go up in flames.

  • Normally, I don't really like blazers with this type of fabric.

  • It's a little bit soft.

  • I like really hard blazers that are sharp because I like how they cut my body when a blazer looks good on me.

  • I would say that it's a great length of 5 10 I would say right over the But is a preferred link.

  • It goes over.

  • It looks a little bit too long, a little bit too big if it comes up too short.

  • I feel a little conscious about that.

  • I prefer a longer down to my thanks.

  • I actually like them a little shorter, too, because I think that it looks nice when it's like a crop length.

  • I have this one that's sort of like Cropped, and I feel like still shows off my body underneath of it.

  • I don't look like a football player like I'm wearing shoulder pads.

  • So anti shoulder.

  • I am 100% pro shoulder pad.

  • I feel like they make you look strong and president Shoulder past can be fine, Maybe for people who work.

  • I like shoulder pads.

  • I'm already so broad shoulder that anything more, just mixing feel more masculine than I want to feel what I need from shoulder, because I just need them to even out just up here.

  • Don't make me look like a square, but just make me look like I got some boldness.

  • They put a laser since pleasures your statement, she says.

  • I prefer more of a statement.

  • So staying away from black and more of a pattern or color several weeks, I own a range of different blazers.

  • Some of them are patterned and more statement, and some of them are just a solid black white navy blazer that I own is definitely a classic goes with everything you know.

  • I'm cool blazer for other people.

  • But wearing this blazer, I think I'm becoming pro blazer for myself.

  • When I'm in a blazer, I feel confident.

  • I feel like people take me seriously.

  • It's got a good cut.

  • I think the length of the sleeves is nice because I've been rolled him up.

  • I feel great in the blazer.

  • I feel very much like I match up to exactly how I feel on the inside, but I think I'm sexy.

  • I think I'm a G.

  • That's a great look for me.

  • Honestly.

  • Want to strut down the street?

  • Be like Fashion Week?

  • I'm here.

  • Hell, yeah.

  • Where the Adam this again, Should I not first?

I kind of feel like Karen.


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