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  • Hey, guys, we Oh, yeah, we're cooking her up.

  • Hoo hoo!

  • Here.

  • That was all in one, loaded your truck.

  • Can I get that burger, please?

  • I like fries With that.

  • Yeah, and some catch.

  • You would feel bad if you like.

  • I got my nose open.

  • You know, she novel means beak and German.

  • Right?

  • I know that.

  • You know that doom.

  • It means hung like a racehorse.

  • Parker Schnabel's crew of riding high.

  • They're coming into the gold way with the might of two wash plants running crater cut, pay way.

  • We got quite a bit of Lucifer.

  • Big Red was a little bit week this week.

  • Well, I mean bigger.

  • I did have a little bit down time trying to keep up with both those plants and just everything that's going on.

  • It's unreal.

  • So he wants you out.

  • Big Red.

  • Did we gotta do it sooner or later?

  • 50 80 100 1 20 Do you where you hide the other jar, man?

  • I wish 1 28.7 worth $180,000 without a name announcing our squeezed every flake we could out of it.

  • That's what we got.

  • That's some of the worst kind of land all season.

  • Maybe all the good stuff went to sluice for How did it do since Big Red was down a shift.

  • The team is counting on sluice a fur to cover the shortfall.

  • Well, actually, sluice for did quite well.

  • I don't know if I can count that high.

  • Well, think that, uh, we're at 50.

  • Already over 100 1 31 40 50 60 70 89 to 40.8 guys worth $340,000.

  • That's more like it.

  • Uh, yeah.

  • Good part of the cool part is we broke 5000 ounces for the season.

  • Even with the disappointing gold away from the crater cut, friend, Your good luck child.

  • Parker's hit 5176 ounces this season worth more than $7 million.

  • That's sweet.

  • Yeah, way still got a lot to go.

  • Get back on track of last year.

  • Maybe the best part about doing these gold weighs is Tony isn't like hovering around like you.

  • Wouldn't even be done with the clean up.

  • May be pulling in here.

  • Did want to take it was still warm in the pan.

Hey, guys, we Oh, yeah, we're cooking her up.


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