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  • fully appreciate the ability to the squid.

  • We're going to examine a juvenile specimen so it's catching its prey using a combination of the eight arms on these too long tentacles as well.

  • Yeah, look at those teeth on that thing and they're angled in one direction.

  • So while the animal is sucking onto its prey autumn, it's also cutting and chewing into it and locking mechanically.

  • Those are more like teeth might expect to see inside of Peronnas mouth.

  • So how many suction cups and teeth with one of these animals have?

  • And an adult male could have 1200 suction cups on it, and every section cup is line between 2136 teeth, which is between, you know, 25 36,000 teeth on each.

  • That's extraordinary.

  • So once it's got ahold of something, there's just no way he's getting away.

  • Yeah, it has probably one of the best grips in the animal kingdom that I know.

  • Gripped by thousands of needle like teeth, helpless prey is delivered into the mouth of the squid.

  • Let's get a close up look at this.

  • So, Scott, if you couldn't manipulate big for me as the animal itself.

  • D'oh!

  • This beak is where all of the damage to the animal comes.

  • So this right here is why we wear chain mail suits.

  • The squid speak is one of the hardest materials found in animal physiology.

  • At the rear of it, it's much more flexible.

  • And then the very tip it's it is.

  • In fact, you can actually become even more dense for the more pressure that you play on, the harder it gets this'll parrot like beak is powered by a massive muscles that generated a force strong enough to bite through bulletproof materials like Kevlar.

  • I've seen this go through bone on a tuna skull, which is really hard, dense bone, I think looking at that, but that is the most monstrous thing.

  • Undercover embassy in the natural world.

  • Some of the locals here have witnessed these gruesome weapons in action.

  • One chilling story tells of a young fisherman being pulled off his boat by an enormous squid and disappearing into the depths.

  • It's the middle of the night, and I'm in the Sea of Cortez, hunting for a genuine sea monster, the Humboldt Squid.

  • A storm's on the way and we're running out of time.

  • Way like that.

  • Oh, good.

  • The fishermen have lured up several squid in the last few minutes.

  • It's my last chance to find out whether these alien creatures live up to their fists and reputation.

  • This is a smaller square.

  • It's probably just a few months old.

  • Thes animals grow extremely rapidly and could get to two meters in just seven months.

  • But the trade off is a short life span of only two years.

  • You see, there's something sticking on my fingers, but it's like that at the mouth parts with Theo.

  • Force of the beak is substantial, even on a youngster, right doesn't really.

  • Even through the chain now, millions of years of evolution have created a potent predatory force.

  • Its body is completely different from other see killers like sharks, but it's just a powerful surface to divers.

  • Surface to divers.

  • Just keep an eye on your air along you because you didn't go with sewage With our eyes firmly on the squid, it would be easy to forget how much air is left in our tanks on their biggest squid in the water, which might tell me more about their hunting tactics.

  • This squid's a giant at over a meter and a heart, and it's changing its entire body coloration from white to read in an instant, whether it's trying to intimidate me, signal toe other squid or simply communicate its mood is impossible to tell.

  • But it's incredibly strong keeping out of this looking back theme blasting our way.

  • It uses the Incas a smoke shield so it can make its escape.

  • Predators will attack the cloud, believing that they're attacking spread itself.

  • It's a wonderful way of managing to make yourself invisible in the cannibalistic culture of the Humboldt squid.

  • This is an essential survival tactic that's now it is really living.

  • See stuff.

  • It is the image.

  • All those creatures like the crack in that people used to imagine living in the deep sea and terrorizing sailors and ships.

  • Theo time.

  • It's one of the most the current's getting up, and we're being dragged behind the boat on our steel lines.

  • It's time to end the dive and get back on board, right?

  • Let's let this painting.

  • Bye, guys, is this wondrous deep sea monster jets off into the darkness.

fully appreciate the ability to the squid.


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